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10 Tips To Increase Your Home's Value Before Selling

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:04


If you're selling your home, you want to get the best value for your home with some upgrades that are within your budget. There are some upgrades that don't really add to the value – such as new furniture – whereas others that can bring it up a notch, such as curb appeal. Here is a look at the renovations that can increase your home's value.

1. Adding To Curb Appeal 

First impressions are as important when selling a home as they are at a job interview. The majority of home buyers will turn away from the front entrance if they don't like the view from the outside. This makes “curb appeal” top priority when it comes to readying your home for resale. You can enhance curb appeal through landscaping, sprucing up your patio, adding a deck, creating an attractive garden and backyard. Check out these excellent curb appeal ideas from across Sydney for inspiration.

2. Painting

Painting the exterior and interior is one of the easiest and least expensive ways of upgrading your home and increasing its resale value. When painting the exterior, it is important to pay attention to the trim, siding, sheds and deck, as well as the roof. The professionals from My Roofline suggest that a simple clean, seal and re-color is enough when painting the roof. DIY is great for some renovations, but a botched up exterior can cost more than expected and work against you. A coat of paint can do wonders for the interior as well, and you can use it to update old furniture, old paneling etc. Stick with the style of the original home when you paint, and you can go with some tasteful vibrant colors. Just stay away from garish neons that are likely to put buyers off. 

3. Working On The Kitchen 

The kitchen is an important area in homes today and if there is one room that you can renovate, it should be the kitchen. We don't just cook there, but we watch TV, do homework and entertain guests and therefore the kitchen should be efficient and easy to maintain. There should be easy access between the cook-top, the fridge and the sink. Modern conveniences in an old kitchen can particularly add value to a home. According to stylist and author Amanda Talbot you can increase 5% of your property value with kitchen renovations.

4. Creating More Light And Space 

Spacious, well-lit homes are valued higher than cramped, dark ones. Knock down walls that aren't load-bearing to open up your floor plan if the property is too dark. Buyers want usable space, not more rooms. You can combine the kitchen, living and dining areas into a single space. Entertaining is one of the top areas that home renovators focus on when preparing their homes for resale, and opening up these areas creates a better atmosphere for entertaining. Adding bedrooms (up to 5, and no more) is also a great way to boost value.

5. Updating Or Adding Bathrooms 

Next, focus on the bathroom. Buyers are usually looking for spacious master bathrooms, and just the right number of bathrooms for the number of rooms in your home. Focus on installing good fittings, fixing leaks, re-installing tiles etc. Ceramic tiles for floors are usually preferred because they handle water better. You can go ecological with plenty of skylights and low-flow toilets. 

6. Remodeling The Basement 

Converting the basement into a living area is an excellent way to add more rooms without an extension. It can be an expensive conversion, and you will need professional help to deal with all the digging and structural changes that will be required. But if your home is a high-value one in a space-strapped urban area, then it's worthwhile.

7. Convert A Loft

It's easy to turn a loft into a storage area or a bedroom and bathroom, by working from the outside. The floor joists will have to be strengthened and access to the loft should be easy. 

8. Change Doors And Windows 

If your windows and doors don't match the house as it is now, you may need to change them completely to suit the style. Upgrade the door with door knobs, letter boxes, and house numbers in stainless steel. 

9. Install Central Heating 

If you don't already have central heating and cooling systems, it's time to install them. You can go green with sustainable systems like geothermal, wind or solar energy to power your heating systems and hot water systems. Sustainable systems can raise the value of a home significantly.

10. Make The Garden More Accessible

If you have a wonderful garden (paving the front garden is another way of adding value) then install glass doors in your living area so that it is visible from the inside. You can also install decking to add about 2% to the value of your home.

What renovations are you considering for your home?


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