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Adding Elegance to Home with Texture Paints

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:38

The walls of your home provide you with opportunities galore to play with colors but when tinged with some touches of texture their elegance and beauty catapult a notch higher enhancing their demeanor considerably.

Textured paints embrace solid ingredients that lend dimension to your walls turning them into fabulous works of art with their impeccable faux finish.

Textured paints come in myriad patterns and finishes from ethereal linen that appeal to your aesthetic senses to bold geometric forms that make your room bright and beautiful. You can also lend the perfect metallic or wood finish to your homes, the choices are plenty.

Here are some ways you can proffer your home a classic look by attempting to opt for textured paints which will not be heavy on your pocket either.

Choose the Textures

Hit a reputed paint store and you are sure to get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices that come in textured paints. Lend your home with the sophistication you desire with a serene Suede flat finish that evokes the perfect impact of suede leather and effectively does up bedrooms when spruced up with soft illumination options. To give your walls the texture of those craggy cliffs and terrains splash them up with a stone textured finish. If you wish your room to take up a provincial French or Italian garb, go for Limewash textures to your maimed walls or wooden furniture pieces. For those who nurture a more artistic clout imbuing the same on your walls by giving them the illusion of textures through the Trompe I'oell painting technique can do wonders turning your home into an outstanding piece of artwork.

Applying the Paint

In order to apply the textured paint, you need to have the right supplies such as putty knife, trowel, brush, combs, sponge, rollers along with the textured paint cans that you have chosen. You need to add water to drywall textured compound according to the consistency that is required for accomplishing the desired effects and stir it well for making it uniform throughout. Textured paints may be applied in a number of ways in tune with the impact you wish to lend the walls with. However, you need to ensure that the patterns are made before the paint dries up since it becomes difficult to experiment with varied designs on a dried wall. For some easy and quick textured pattern choose sandstone or granite that have the potential to endow your home with a modern look while not requiring professional hands to get the effect.

Things to Remember

Textured paints can be used on almost all sorts of surfaces. However, it is important to ensure that there are no cracks or blemishes and that the surface is clean prior to applying the paint. Unsmooth surfaces with particles of dirt accumulated on them will prevent the paint from accomplishing the look you want. Moreover, it is also essential to soak your rollers with just the adequate amount of paint so as not to make them dry or over-saturated while creating the patterns. Paint experts suggest applying textured paints taking small portions of the wall and with single strokes from the top towards the bottom as much as possible. Finally painting is a matter of patience and perseverance and it is imperative to allow your textured walls to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before you add the finishing touches.




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