How to Arrange Pillows on the bed for a simple and yet elegant look?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 March 2014 22:27
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Women are by and large ardent lovers of pillows and they don’t mind overdoing the bed with too many pillows; but this might annoy the man of the house for he prefers the bed to stay neat and simple. In short, the way people arrange pillows on a bed gives a sneak peek into their psyche.

Moreover the fact lies that there are no set rules that define how pillows should be arranged. Hence, decorative bed pillows can be made to add a touch of warmth and personality to the bed room. Here are a few ways to arrange pillows for a simple yet elegant look.

  • Stack them up: A simple and neat way to liven up the bed is to stack four pillows, in two neat piles. Stacking them flat on top of each other delivers an orderly, neat and sleek look. Besides it is simple to do.
  • Standing pillows: This is a great way to arrange 5 or more pillows. Making differently sized pillows and cushions stand up in parallel according to their size is a great way to beautify the bed. An accent pillow can be placed at the centre for a stylish look.
  • Stacked and standing: This type of mixed arrangement is a way to organize daily use and decorative pillows; in the last row, daily use pillows can be arranged in stacks and decorative pillows can be made to stand up front. It is a great way to hide away sleeping pillows.
  • Bolsters or rolled pillows also deliver a great style statement. They can be placed in the front row of rectangular stacked or standing squared pillows.
  • Messy and mixed is in: Different sized pillows in altering shapes and sizes can be thrown on the bed in mixed rows. Different hues of cushion covers and pillow cases can be used for a colourful appearance.
  • One can have an exuberant collection of euro-square, cases, shams, boudoirs, and neck rolls with lots of embellishments. This is a great way to showcase the romantic side of the owner. These pillows can be organised according to their size in stacks or rows in a tailored and classic manner.
  • For a classic and guaranteed-to-work pillow arrangement, one can use 3 euro pillows at the back and make 2 queen or king sized standard pillows in shams in the next row. These can be topped with a smaller decorative pillow/cushion/bolster at the front. This look always works in any type of bedroom and will ensure a great look. This arrangement also makes the bedroom look stylish.

A huge collection of pillows can be creatively stacked for a neat look or a minimalistic and neat arrangement with just 3 pillows can be made. Thus arrangement of pillows in the right order is a great way to showcase one’s creative side.

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