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How to Prepare a Nursery for Twins

Written by Posted On Sunday, 30 March 2014 23:27


The moment a you find out you’re expecting can be the high point of your life; especially if you've dreamed of the day you’d hold your perfect creation in your arms. Even if you’re on the fence about becoming a parent, a few minutes, hours, or days can change every doubt and spark excitement unlike anything you've ever experienced. Doubts, of course, are normal and to be expected, but you’ll handle those as they arrive. Your life is about to change forever, and for the better. You’re having a baby!

Right. That’s the typical thought pattern of anyone carrying or expecting a new welcome addition. However, thoughts tend to get a bit crazier and doubts multiply when you find out you’re expecting twins. Immediately, excitement may multiply and override fear as the brain pumps out never ending questions, finally settling on the nursery. How in the world can you prepare for double the everything while not allowing it to take over your home, budget and sanity? 

Fortunately, there are tricks for surviving planning your twin nursery regardless of your space allowance or budget. 

Do it early. Yes, it probably goes against everything you've heard and read, but twins often surprise the world by arriving ahead of schedule. Plan, shop, construct, and decorate the nursery so you can relax for the remainder of your pregnancy. 

Safety first

Carefully access the room you’ll be converting to a nursery. Is the paint chipping? Is the wiring up-to-date? Do you need to replace any sockets or fixtures? Tackle those situations first. Secure windows and doors. If there are any issues regarding unstable furniture, bolt those items to a wall or create a tight wedge to keep them upright and topple-free. Do not arrange sleeping-related furniture near vents or drafts.


Space matters

There are easy tricks and ideas for cramped quarters. 

Go vertical instead of horizontal. Incorporate tall furniture and shelving to utilize the height of the room. Instead of a couple small dressers, keep baby clothes hung up in a wardrobe. By layering hangers, your twins clothes can easily fit in the same space. You can even add shoe racks and extra storage at the bottom of the wardrobe. 

Opt in for convertible furniture. A crib will be the most important piece of furniture in your nursery. But there are several options with twins. Decide whether you want one or two cribs, bassinets, or even co-sleeping cots. For space concerns, many cribs on the market can convert to toddler beds. And there are even bassinets that fold when not in use and convert to play pens. 

You can get away with one changing table for twins. Consider corner changing tables or tables with built-in storage, a wall mounted table that folds up when not in use, or even just a changing mat that can be taken anywhere. Note that a mat will be hard on your back in time, so consider your options carefully. 

Vacuum seal whatever bedding and clothing isn't in use. The sealed bags can then slide under nursery furniture, be hung in the wardrobe, or be stored in the closet. 

Install netting in the corners of the ceiling to keep unused toys and light, bulky items off the floor and ready for re-circulation. 

If your budget is an issue, accept help by borrowing items from friends or family. You can also list everything you want for your nursery on your baby gift registry and let everyone else preen over your bundle while shouldering the cost. 


Bright light is hard on babies’ eyes. Opt for natural light whenever possible. But for nighttime use, keep a low watt lamp or hanging corner light handy. And always be sure to plug in a baby night light just inside the doorway to avoid sleep-induced injuries and discourage late night playtime. The simple lights from your baby monitors can also lend enough light to your late feeding and changing routines after a few weeks of practice. 


It’s very easy to overdo a nursery with one baby, let alone two. The easiest way to avoid that is to allow the heavy furniture to be the focal point. Choose those pieces first before deciding on colors or a theme. Then just add in splashes of personality. A simple piece of artwork, hand made quilt, and/or a special music box from grandma can work wonders. If you want to add more, calm pastels create a peaceful feeling over bright, active primary colors. 

You can choose typical pinks and blues for same gender twins. But if you're expecting both genders or waiting for to be surprised, consider using gender neutral colors like mint green, beige and creams, yellows, and chocolate shades. Get creative with paint and fabric to greet your twins. You can even paint or scroll their names over their sleeping areas.  Think outside the box by gently incorporating your home’s interior design into the nursery. But if a specific theme is in mind, tone it down by only adding a few key pieces (such as a quilt, diaper bag, and lamp) as opposed to making it look as though the room spit up Winnie The Pooh. A few special theme pieces can grow with your twins instead of being packed away in boxes for future hand-me-downs.


By incorporating form and function, your twins nursery can be a relaxing and safe haven before and after their arrival.


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