Earwigs 101: Just Pests, not Horrors

Written by Posted On Monday, 31 March 2014 05:52

If your first reaction to an earwig is to drop whatever you′re holding and leap backwards with a horrified face, you′re certainly not alone. Earwigs are not exactly the cuddliest looking creature. However, while they are a pest that should be removed from your home as soon as possible, they′re not actually dangerous. Knowing a little about them will help remove the fear while giving you the best tools to drive them away.

So They Don′t Eat Brains?

Although the name means ″ear creature,″ the idea that the earwig bug will make its little way up to your brain is not true, according to Purdue University. Their nasty looking pinchers are only used in defense situations and when fighting with other earwigs. They also don′t sting or bite; the pinchers do just that, pinch. If you happen to get snipped by one, don′t worry; they′re not poisonous in any way. Just treat the bite as you would any other scratch and it should heal up without any problems. Despite the fact that they′re not going to cause you outright harm, no one wants to keep earwigs in their house.

Earwigs do eat biological material. That can include food in your pantry, mold or any decaying matter that may be around your home, such as a compost heap. They tend to gravitate to moist areas, meaning that they will be more likely to be in your home when it′s dry, such as in the summer, while they′re looking for water. Make sure to eliminate water sources by checking and wrapping your pipes.

How to Get Rid of Them

Anytime you have a pest such as earwigs, you′re going to have to work to get rid of them. Moisture traps do well in a pinch (pun intended) as these little pests are drawn to dampness. These traps work by luring the earwig into them with the promise of water and then not allowing the bug to crawl out. Either the trap has a sticky glue that traps the pest, or the shape of the trap won′t allow them to crawl out. Another way to do this at home is to put water with some dish soap in a deep dish, the pests will crawl in and be unable to crawl back out.
If you′re worried about a major infestation, then you could also use Lambdastar to eradicate the pests. As with any chemical product, make sure that you read and follow all warnings and directions. You can also hire a professional exterminator and rely on their pest control equipment. Make sure that you keep all young children and pets safe, as the toxins that may not harm you could result in a deadly reaction for them.

Earwigs themselves aren′t going to bite you or crawl into your ear and eat your brain. However, they′re still capable of causing a lot of damage. These nocturnal creatures love to gather on porches, particularly under cushions or anywhere that water collects. If you′re worried about an infestation, make sure that you check your landscaping. Rolling logs or rocks aside will allow you to see if any earwigs are milling about and allow you to get the jump on them before they move in.

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