5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Care About Twitter

Written by Posted On Monday, 31 March 2014 17:55

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter is growing into a formidable competitor in the social media race and becoming a leading social platform for mobile users. Twitter boasts some impressive statistics with over 240 million users sending 500 million tweets per day. 

And let’s not forget the real star at the 2014 Academy Awards. Ellen DeGeneres “celeb selfie” tweet was the most retweeted in history and was seen over 32.8 million times across the internet. 

But Twitter is much more than its infamous Oscar selfie. The social network has evolved into one of the world’s leading business resource for social listening, content discovery, professional collaboration, and breaking news events. 

Used tactically and strategically, Twitter can become one of your most lucrative business tools. 

✩Here are 5 reasons why you should care about Twitter to build your business:✩  

1) Brand Awareness: 

Four out of five brands use Twitter to increase brand awareness. Less than 1/4 use Twitter to drive sales. The Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) found that 79.4% of brands used Twitter to increase brand awareness, 58% to drive website traffic, and 55% to engage existing customers. Only 24.4 percent use Twitter to drive sales.

2) Social listening: 

Twitter is a very effective social listening tool. What is your audience talking about and sharing? What are their pain points? Who do they follow? Understanding this valuable data will help you create and provide the content and service your audience is asking for.  

3) Connect with industry influencers: 

Connecting with the influencers in your industry will enhance your credibility, increase audience visibility, and expand your brand’s reach. Be polite, patient, and personable and influencers will connect and engage with you.

4) Demonstrate thought leadership

Twitter is an excellent platform to demonstrate your expertise. Share your content, join twitter chats, retweet and favorite tweets, and start conversations with your followers and industry influencers. 

5) Show you’re human:

Integrate your personality when engaging on Twitter. Your audience wants to know who you are! Share your stories. Say something personal and creative in your profile. Add in a tweet or two with fun facts or quotes. Tweet a photo of your favorite breakfast from the local diner. Post a vacation pic. Show you’re human:)  

What can your business do in just 140 characters?

Check out this short video about growing your business with Twitter:

Photo by Shawn Campbell

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