Inspection Tips to Save Your Contracts

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Wow, the market is moving so fast it’s hard to stay on top of all the activity. There are many multiple offers on homes and, interestingly, lots of homes going under contract and then coming back on the market.

It appears the majority of these transactions fall apart following the inspection. We received this list of trouble spots from InspectPro Inspections. Share this list of top ten problem areas that can endanger the success of your contract with your clients.

1.     Damp or wet basement or crawl space with cracks and an abundance of efflorescence, ( that powdery white mineral deposit). Be sure the sump pump is working.

2.     Defective plumbing or leaking fixtures. If there is visible water damage anywhere provide an explanation up front to assure there is no current problem.

3.     Furnace needs cleaning or certification. Be sure filters are clean and provide a current invoice to show that the furnace has been cleaned and certified by a licensed HVAC professional.

4.     Unsafe electrical or wiring conditions. This includes any open or damaged wiring, overcrowded breaker boxes and more than one wire circuit to a single breaker.

5.     Damaged or leaking roofs. Missing flashing or shingles could be a red flag, and address any signs of water damage to the sheathing or insulation.

6.     Grading problems including gutters and downspouts. Inspectors invariably mention inadequate grading, missing downspouts or water not being appropriately directed away from the home.

7.     Foundation movement, heaving or settling. This can indicate a structural issue or, at the very least, a safety hazard.

8.     Doors or windows not operating properly. Check that fire doors are operational and that all window and door pieces are present.

9.     Rotting wood. Check decks, window frames and repair any trim or siding that is damaged.

10.  Radon gas, lead based paint, mold, or mildew. Radon gas would have to be tested and then likely mitigated. Any mildew odor should definitely be addressed prior to inspection.

Coach your clients to address any possible objections before they become objections. They’ll enjoy a smoother transaction and appreciate your professionalism!

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