How to Renovate Your Kitchen

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If you believe that we are what we eat and therefore spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen, at a certain point you will want to renovate it. However, that is a rather difficult and time-consuming task.

First of all you will need to plan your budget and work out the details from there. Experts believe that the cost should be allocated in the following order :

1. Hardware and cabinets – 29%

2. Design and installation – 22%

3. Walls, ceiling, floor and windows – 16%

4. Appliances and ventilation – 14%

5. Electrical and plumbing – 9%

Remember that you only need to follow this if you are planning on full renovation and not just some cosmetic touches. There is a chronological order you have to follow – begin with the main infrastructure.

Decide on the layout

If you have the space, now will be the perfect moment to add the island you wanted. Next, you ought to prepare the plumbing and the electrical system, so that they are ready for all the new appliances you plan on buying. If you skip this part, you are going to need regular visits from your plumber. Remember to choose the type of cabinets and counter-tops, so that they are not only modern and up-scale, but more important, they wouldn't damage your plumbing system. Although, you may feel that installing new showy light fixtures are an essential for your new kitchen, decorators strongly advice you not to spend too much on them as they will take up a great deal of your budget.

Choose the Appliances

Having set your priorities straight, there are some appliances you should really consider buying, For example, a second sink place outside the cooking area will come in handy, especially if you have big family or love to host parties. A second hand is also very useful in terms of maintaining your home clean A second cook could prepare food there or members of the family could wash their hands while waiting for you to finish making the dinner. If you want to improve the interior of the kitchen, you could do so by installing panelled cabinet ends. Basically, they are just oversize doors that can be fixed on any exposed sides of the cabinets but the will give the kitchen a custom-made, furniture-like look. However, if you consider going for more minimalist look just as well as cutting costs, open shelves are your go-to option.

No matter whether you want to give your kitchen an extravagant or classic look, you can never go wrong with installing more cabinets and they are useful too. Not only will they help you safe space (for that island we already mentioned) but lately they come in so many variations and gadgets that they will accommodate everyone's needs and desires. For more information you could always appoint a consultation with your local interior design specialist.

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