Nanny Cams: The Pros and Cons

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 08 April 2014 07:37
Nanny Cams: The Pros and Cons

Nanny cameras, or nanny cams, have gained significant recognition in the public eye over the years and have become a known part of home security. There have been many news stories about nanny cams catching nannies and other home care givers ‘in the act’ and caused many people to buy nanny cams for their own homes. There are, of course, debates as to whether families should be using nanny cams in the home and many factors to consider before purchasing a nanny cam.

Pros of a Nanny Cam

Audio and video surveillance is nothing new to our modern society. For years now, there has been monitoring equipment in place for keeping businesses, homes, and drivers safe. Even if we trust people, there is a level of comfort when there is potential for being able to see what is going on around us or in our own homes.

The biggest benefit of nanny cams is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your children and your home are safe. The equipment is discrete so it cannot be easily found by those that would want not want their exploits caught on camera, including stealing or putting your home in danger. Nanny cams also come in many different shapes and sizes such as stuffed animals, alarm clocks, and electrical outlets.

Its main use of course, is to monitor those that you invite into your home to clean, take care of your kids or pets, and that you hire to help take care of your children. The cameras help you keep your children safe, but that’s not to say that all nannies are a danger to children. To some people, the potential for harm outweighs the trust between employer and nanny. Even if the children are not in harm’s way, nanny cams can give you the ability to see what your nanny is doing and allow you to offer suggestions for them to do things differently.

Cons of a Nanny Cam

Installing a nanny cam in the home is all about personal preference and what the parent feels is helping the home. Between the laws regulating using a nanny cam, and the effects that could happen to your relationship from spying on your nanny, there must be adjustments made in order to properly use this technology.

The two major things that you should know before purchasing a nanny cam is that any device that captures both audio and video has to be known to your care provider and would probably be best if you had a contract. Employers also cannot put the cameras into any place that would be considered private, such as a bathroom. If these two things are violated, then it can result in the evidence being thrown out if a nanny’s bad behavior is discovered because it violates their rights.

The other negative aspect of using a nanny cam in your home is the effect that it will have on your relationship with your nanny. Discovering that their performance is being monitored, particularly in secret, can lead to resentment and eventually the nanny quitting. It is important to emphasize to your nanny that it is for the children’s safety and not to spy on them.


Overall, the decision to purchase or not purchase a nanny cam is up to individual feelings and judgments as to whether you feel you need one or not. Using any measure necessary to protect your children is a sensible aim, but requires an honest, respectful, and open relationship with your care provider. Although there are negative aspects of having a nanny cam in the house, there are also a fair amount of benefits, providing that you are following the laws of surveillance in your state or country. Ultimately, deciding how you protect your home is up to you. 

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