Interior design - Make room for a nursery in your home

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Designing and decorating your kid’s room is a unique opportunity to show your creativity and relax while doing it. Parents to be, the sooner you start this project, the better results you will get. Don’t wait until the last minute just to end up rushing through this. This is the place your baby will spend the most time during its first months so, you might as well make it good looking and comfortable. There are various things you should take care of, such as the color of the walls and furniture, baby’s crib, lighting, closet and even some decorative items.


Colorful paradise

Forget about minimalism, even if the rest of your home is decorated in a simple, rather stiff way. Babies and little children should reside in bright and colorful surroundings, not in dark and plain ones. Pink or blue, depending on the sex of your little one, or a more universal color like yellow, light green or even white can be combined in a million different ways with additional wall stickers, posters and other wall decorations - so, choose your style. Also, too complicated patterns can have a tiring effect, making your kid’s eyes sore. Find a way to make it cheerful and colorful, but at the same time, simple and relaxing.


Place to sleep

Remember, this is the room where your child is going to spend a lot of time sleeping - this is why comfort should be your primary concern. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to the design of the crib or a bed, of course you should - as long as it is comfortable enough to provide your child with sweet dreams. Safety first, then comfort and design - this should be the logical order. If you have a problem with lack of space, you can always opt for a smaller crib as they come in various shapes, sizes and colors, so don’t you worry, you will certainly get what you desired.


Adjust lighting according to baby’s needs

Artificial light sources, as well as natural light from the windows in your nursery, deserve special planning. Illumination is extremely important for the development of good eyesight of the newborns, so you might need to make some slight changes. Luminous efficacy and color temperature are two things you should be interested in. Babies need a different amount of light in different periods of their life, this is why installing a dimmer, or a switch that helps you adjust the needed amount manually, is the best solution. Shade lamps and shutters on a window are also pretty useful in nurseries.


Other things you’ll need

You must be aware that this room will be filled with other things apart from the crib. You must store all the baby equipment somewhere, so be careful with arranging. Make some room for these things:

Changing table - changing your child is a process that requires a lot of space as you will have to use wipes or infant bathing tubs, diapers, soothing creams, powders, etc. If you wish to have it all well organized and in one place, then it is highly recommended that you acquire a changing table for your baby.

Baby clothes - you will need a lot of drawers and a closet to store all the clothes, such as shoes, one pieces, shirts, caps, hats and diapers. Even if these are tiny, you will need a place where to keep them.

My general advice is to avoid sharp edges on any part of the furniture, walls, window sills and doors, because, even before you blink, your newborn will become a toddler, crawling and walking all around the house. If you cannot afford to replace all of the furniture, at least use some safety measures like corner cushions or similar bumpers.

Arranging a nursery in your home demands for a lot of time and planning, but it is not going to be that hard if you are creative enough. Doing this along with your partner will make it more fun and easy, like anything that you choose to do in pairs. Make this room a piece of paradise in your home where you will spend a lot of lovely moments with your baby. Good luck, parents!


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