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Most Effective Termite Treatment Methods

Written by Posted On Monday, 14 April 2014 00:31

Termites can be a menace in any shape or form and while in most cases the best possible situation is to take measures so that they do not occur in the first place, in case a home or property does end up getting infested by them, proper care and immediate treatment needs to be taken. For a property infested with termites, only the best termite treatment will do and there are some options available out there that can be explored. In this article we offer insights into the top five termite treatment methods for better understanding.

One of the biggest problems that home and property owners deal with especially with having wood sections in the house is an impending termite attack. Termites also known as white ants because of their appearance are a pain to deal with and if left untreated can spread and corrode the entire section that they have infected.

Like all bugs that attack the interiors of a home including pantry beetles in kitchen and raspberry ants that are attracted to electrical equipment, termites too can cause a lot of damage and have to be checked for at regular intervals.

That being said, if the ship has sailed and one is already facing the wrath of a termite attack, the only thing to do is to take action and go for a treatment option to curb the extent of damage that can be caused.

The best termite treatment is one that attacks the problem and gets rid of it from the core itself. Here is a list of the five best termite treatments that are available to explore in the USA:

Typically speaking, there are two types of termite treatments available- non-chemical treatments and chemical treatments.

Methods that involve the non-use of pesticides include:

-The physical barrier method that is usually used at the time of construction when there is a barrier constructed at areas that might be prone to termite infestation.

That being said, usually it is the chemical methods that are more effective as treatments and these include:

-Application of termiticides

-Termite baits

-Wood treatments

The application of termiticides has to be done by professional and trained pest control companies as if not applied correctly they can contaminate the home and surrounding drinking water wells.

The other option that is termite baits are becoming more and more popular now due to the fact that there is an awareness towards reducing the overall use of insecticides. In the case of termite baits cellulose baits that contain a slow acting insecticide are used.

There are a number of products available in the market for wood treatments and elimination of termites. For example the Bait Barrier Plan and Bait Defend System are two popular options. Depending on the kind of infestation, one of these can be opted for too.

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