Impulse Grocery Shopping- S'mores Anyone!?!

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With food prices still soaring, supermarkets are offering many deals and specials to lure in food shoppers. But sometimes, these good deals can actually cause people to spend more than they would have otherwise. Phil Lempert, author of Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer’s Choice, offers these smart-shopping tips:


Limit Four Per Person: Scarcity can have a powerful impact on shoppers. A buying restriction can tempt people to buy more than they need, which could cause items to either spoil or sit in your pantry for a long time. Tip: In the long run, when you factor in the amount of products that spoil or are eventually thrown away, you will usually be better off financially if you buy only the amount you reasonably need and can use.


End of Aisle or Freestanding Displays: Often the “specials” displayed on the end caps of each aisle, or on an island display, aren't really the best deals the store currently offers. They may be items that have been sitting on the shelf for a while and the store needs to move. These displays may also lead to impulse buys that you weren't intending to make. For instance, a display with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows could make you think, “I’ll make s’mores for dessert.” Tip: While the location of these items is convenient don't be lured in.


Buy One, Get One Free: While these deals can make you feel like you are getting something for half price, if the cost is more than that of a similar item, or you don’t need a large quantity, than this may be one special worth passing on. Tip: Ask the manager if you can buy one item for half the price instead of buy one get one free. While stores don’t always advertise this alternative, they often allow it.


Pre sliced Produce: While pre sliced produce can feel like an easy choice, it can cost twice as much as whole produce, and can also spoil faster than whole produce. Tip: Pay extra for prepared meals and produce only if the time and effort they save you is significant and really worth it.


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