High-Tech gadgets for a home from the future

Written by Posted On Saturday, 19 April 2014 12:36

We've all seen Sci-Fi movies with futuristic settings that portray the lives of humans boosted by future technology. The thing is, some of the technological thingies that were only a figment of some creative person’s imagination some 20-25 years back are now very much a reality. Some of them are a bit pricey, that much is true, but not all of them are beyond the reach of an average consumer. It takes a bit of work and planning, but it is far from impossible. If you want to go for a futuristic look for you house or apartment, here are a few suggestions.



Robot vacuum cleaner

Those of us who have seen “The Fifth Element” remember Zorg’s monologue that went “Look at all these little things! So busy now! Notice how each one is useful. A lovely ballet ensues, so full of form and color.” and all those little robots started running around gathering the shattered pieces of the broken glass. The robot vacuum cleaners that cleans your apartment have been a reality for a long time now. Their price ranges somewhere between 150$ - 500$ depending on the features they have.


In-wall speakers and ceiling speakers

We all like to listen to music, but for a true music enthusiast, the dream is to be able to listen to music in any part of your home. This is a bit of an investment since these speakers are around 150$ a piece and you need to count in the set up price as well. They are a great thing to have for parties and you can set them up in such a way that each individual room has its own volume settings.


Wall socket USB port

Another thing that has become a standard is that everything can be charged by plugging it into a USB port. For the sake of convenience, it is smart to have hybrid wall sockets installed in your home so you don’t have to look for the converter every time you need to recharge your phone.

iTouchless Sensor-Controlled Fully-Automated Toilet Seat

We are all aware of the fact that good hygiene equals good health. The toilet is one of the biggest health hazards in any home and the reasons for this are fairly obvious. The toilet is one of the biggest nesting grounds for bacteria and any contact with it is a potential health risk. The automated toilet seat that uses sensor technology to raise its cover when you approach minimizes the contact you need to make with it. With a single wave of your hand, you can also raise the seat as well. image4

Wi-Fi antenna

In this day and age, all devices have the capability to access the web and Wi-Fi. It is virtually a necessity. Having a Wi-Fi antenna will enable you to access the web from your phone, tablet or laptop from any room in your home. Also, if you own cutting edge household appliances, then it would be an advantage to have Wi-Fi coverage all over your home out of sheer convenience.

Sensor nightlights

We all hate those moments when we are forced to get up from our warm and cozy bed to go to the bathroom. The worst part of the whole process is having to turn on the lights and shock your pupils. This is a problem that is easily resolved by putting in sensor nightlights in all of the crucial places. This is a small investment that can get rid of this annoying problem for you once and for all.



Transparent TV

Household technology can get in the way of carefully designed interior. While TVs are getting bigger and have more and more features, they can be an eyesore as far as design is concerned. A transparent TV is not a small investment at all, but it also isn't something that is impossible to afford by an average family and it will fit perfectly into any environment. To tie the entire thing together, you should arrange your home in a minimalistic style and you will own a household that looks like it has stepped out of a Sci-Fi movie.

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