5 Buyer Tips On Finding The Best New Homes For Sale In Irvine CA

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There are several communities with new homes for sale in Irvine CA and if you’re interested in buying your dream home in this city, its time you started looking. Irvine is as family friendly as it gets in Orange County with an award winning school district and a low crime rate which has made it the #1 safest large city in America for the past 9 years.

That being said, the Irvine market is extremely competitive among buyers looking for that perfect family home. Irvine has a total of 476 listings and only 275 of those listings are below $800,000. 108 listing are upwards of $2 million and 50 listings are worth over $2 million.

There are a total of 190 single family residences – only 50 of which have the ever popular 3 bed 2 bath. These listings are among those that range up to $2 million. A great avenue to be exploring then is new construction because these homes can be customized and some have a smaller price tag.


1. Pick your favorite community

You’ve decided that Irvine is the city for you because of the great schools, various parks, safe environment and beautifully planned infrastructure but now it’s time to pick a specific community. Irvine has over 30 different master planned communities to choose from with new construction homes being built in StonegateWoodburyOrchard HillsCypress Village and the Great Neighborhoods.

Things to consider when looking at homes include HOA fees and what exactly they cover, property taxes and parking/garage situation if you are considering condos for sale in Irvine CA. All of these communities have luxury amenities so you can’t go wrong. When you’re deciding remember to look at shopping nearby the surrounding area to help you decide which community is the best fit for your family.


2. Take a real estate agent with you

While buying new construction homes can be done without a real estate agent, it’s in your best interest as a buyer to have one by your side. A buyer’s agent is your advocate whereas the agents who work for the builders, though they can be helpful, ultimately have their own agenda.

Once you find an agent, have them accompany you to new home sites. Sandi Clark and her partner Debbie Miller are Irvine real estate experts and top producers in the area. Sandi says she will take her clients to new construction first thing if that's why they're interested in. She explains, “I don’t get as high a commission when it comes to newly constructed homes but of course I want to help my buyers find their dream house. ”

Sandi helps her buyers through the entire new home process from choosing a community to picking upgrades at the design center. “I go to the design center with my buyers to help pick upgrades based on their lifestyle. I’ve been in the business for years so I can let them know if the builder’s price is good on a certain amenity and what the buyers can easily upgrade themselves for less.”


3. Compare prices, warranties, and contracts in depth

Get intimately familiar with what maintenance is covered and what your responsibilities are in order to keep your warranty valid. For example, if you don’t clean your gutters you could find that your claim regarding water damage on the roof is invalid.

Every builder will offer different warranties and have their own perks and pitfalls. Sit down with your agent and perhaps legal counsel so that you understand which builder has the best options for you.


4. Ask questions

According to Sandi, “You need to ask questions of the builders.  Not to quiz, but to find out things the buyers should know.”  She says that her buyers are delighted to have her accompany them to new construction sites because she helps open up communication and knows what questions to ask.

Important questions to ask include cancellation rights if something goes wrong and you want to back out of your home purchase as well as your liabilities and legal commitments. When shopping for the best Irvine CA houses for sale it's important to ask the tough legal questions. Also make sure you understand the cost breakdown of everything in the process so there are no surprise fees that pop up.


5. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

When you come with questions for example about the new community and construction then you open the door for negotiation and ultimately discounts. Although a new home purchase is different than a resale, it’s still an open negotiation.

The cost is the same to bring an agent, and it may even save you money. Sandy says, “When I take clients to new homes I question about different lots, prices, design options and more. I have negotiated on lot premiums for clients and gotten builders to reduce prices. I’ve also helped buyers get increased credits at the design center if the builders couldn't reduce prices.”

Having an agent by your side to hardball takes the pressure off of you and helps you separate the true negotiating points from the facts of buying new construction.

Any buyers who are also current Irvine homeowners, listen up because there are amazing real estate opportunities for you. It is still a seller’s market in Irvine because inventory is low and homes are selling well.

Now is the opportune time to sell your smaller home and get that move up house you've been planning on purchasing before prices go up. Call the First Team Real Estate Irvine home experts Sandi and her partner Debbie at (949) 400-0987 to be on the market with your house by May 1st and take advantage of this sweet spot!

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