A Glimpse at the Prominent Roofing Materials

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The roof is an integral part of every home. A well-designed roof not only protects you better from wind, sun and rain, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Roofs can be made up various materials and can have diverse styles and designs. When planning to build or remodel your roof, firstly you have to determine the material before moving on to the style. As different materials have different properties, the features of your roof would depend upon its material to a great extent. The exterior look of your home would also depend largely on the roofing material.

Listed down are the primary materials used to create roofs around the world.

Tin or Aluminum:

This roofing material is employed usually on cabins and garages. However, you can use it on homes too. The roofs of this material have clean lines, which are quite appealing for the viewer as he approaches the home. Inside the home, you would hear the sound of rain falling on the roof in rainy days.

Standing Seam Metal:

Metal roofs are quite popular as they have a good longevity. Roofs made up of this material also add to a colorful home’s design effect. Being made of standing seam metal, the roofs are built from interlocking panels running vertically from the roof’s ridge.

Solar Panels:

In this case, the roofs are actually built of standing seam metal, and the major portion of the roof is covered with a solar panel array. Roofs built using solar panels are green roofs. An additional benefit is that such a roof lends a cool geometric pattern to the exterior of the home.

Solar Roofs are also called Green Homes

Wooden Shingles:


Wooden shingles are usually preferred as the roofing material for historic homes. They lend a natural and cozy feeling to the home. The shingles used are white cedars that look very pretty. However, homeowners should keep in mind the wooden shingles call for more home maintenance as compared to other roofing options.

Wooden Shingles are Quite Attractive


Copper has gained huge popularity as a roofing material. You can employ reclaimed copper when making a greener home. Copper has a nice color that enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home. Copper tiles can be custom made to suit curved roofs and other roof shapes.

Clay Tiles:

This roofing material is particularly popular in Mediterranean inspired homes and ranch homes. The style of such roofs is truly attractive. The beauty of curved clay tiles become more prominent and start dominating the vision, as the viewer approaches the home.



Slate roofs are really attractive. Slate is popular as a roofing material in homes having an Italian or French touch in their design. Slate is fireproof and has a good longevity. Maintain is material is also quite easy. However, it is a slightly expensive option for roofing.

Make your Home Appealing with Slate Roof

Green Living:


A green living roof is a popular and modern choice and involves the creation of a living roof you’re your home. Such a roof supports a garden, which helps in conservation of water in your home.


If you are planning to build a home, or going for a home improvement project, consider building your roof with one of the above mentioned materials. Every roofing material has its unique characteristics and leads to a different look. Choose one that goes with your needs and tastes, and fits within your budget.

Author’s Bio: James Patrick is a renowned author specializing in home construction and improvement. He offers valuable advice on construction of roofs and other parts of a home. He suggests people to use Pultrusions when building roofs.

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