How To Send Your Feedback To Fenesta

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 30 April 2014 04:31

As a customer, one wants to deal with companies that hold a high benchmark not just for sales service but also for after sales service. It is not uncommon to come across enterprises that are all over the customer till the time the sale hasn’t come through but the moment they get their money, the customer is a forgotten entity.

For any company to grow consistently, they need to realize that following through the sale with exceptional after sales support is the key to creating long lasting and positive customer relationships. In fact one happy customer will mean many positive referrals and the power of this word of mouth marketing cannot be underestimated.

This is exactly what the folks at Fenesta understand and understand well. Whether it’s a Fenesta window review or feedback on a door, the company is all ears and open to every possible suggestion, recommendation or even complaint that the customer might have.

To be accessible to their clients, the company maintains an extremely active Facebook page and harnessing the power of social media is a key tool that is being used towards garneting all the feedback there is. As a customer if one has complaints for Fenesta, all they need to do is go on to the Facebook page and get in touch with the company by expressing their concern. The diligent staff that manages the page looks into all feedback and combs through issues to make sure that they are resolved as soon as possible.

After a customer has bought a product from Fenesta, the company encourages them to post a review and whether we talk about a Fenesta window review or a door feedback, all of it is taken into consideration to further improve the service as well as the product.

In addition to the Facbook page, there is also a quick contact form on the website that can be utilized for posting feedback. There is the option to add a message and anything that a customer wants to express can be written and sent directly to the customer service team.

One of the reasons for the growth and reputation that Fenesta enjoys in the market is the fact that they give utmost importance to what the clients have to say. The realization that the business is coming from the customers and eventually it is their satisfaction that matters in the long run is something that forms the core belief of functioning at the company.

Given these values, it is hardly surprising that the company has gone from strength to strength and continues to do so.

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