Canada's Secret: Homes in Mississauga

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 May 2014 02:35

Chances are you have never even heard of Mississauga, so it is understandable that you have never thought of buying a home there but, what if it was just the perfect place for you to live? It is the sixth largest city in Canada and it has something to offer everyone from entrepreneurs to family men, you will find exactly what you need here.

This city has a rating as the safest city in Canada for seven full years in a row. It has one of the highest police officer to individual rate in the entire country of Canada. It is safe to say that Mississauga is focused on safety and family. Not only that but, Mississauga has over 425 public schools run by two different school boards in the city. It has nearly 30 private schools that offer alternative learning conditions to students and to further his or her education graduates have the choice of 10 universities as well as a 11 colleges within the area. It is only right with statistics like these to say that Mississauga has some of the leading schools in the country.

Not to mention how beautiful Mississauga is. It is located on the amazing Credit River not far from Lake Ontario. There are almost five hundred parks as well as well sever trails alongside the waterfront. With two marinas and recreational areas that are riverfront offering fishing, as well as plenty of outdoors activities. There are almost too many to count community centers in the city as well that offer everything from fitness facilities to soccer fields. The city has the best museums, theaters, shopping, and cultural centers. In fact, Square One, the biggest shopping center in Ontario is located here.

Mississauga is also very business friendly. The Government allows for competitive utility rates, advanced communication networks and tax structures as well as providing the best public transport for growing businesses so that they can thrive here.

Homes in Mississauga are high quality to match every income level. You can get anything from a single-family home to townhouses, to high-rise condominiums in the city. Communities include everything from urban to suburban homes. You can even get a waterfront home if you so wished! If you have not stopped to consider Mississauga for your next home contact one of the top realtors in Mississauga, Joe Battaglia and you can find him at Do not turn away from such an amazing place. Mississauga is Canada’s best-kept secret and you are in on it.

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