Maintaining Your Sanity While Selling Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 May 2014 09:54

Let’s face it: while many of us dream of moving into a new house, very few of us look forward to the actual process of selling a home. Beyond the inconvenience of preparing your home for sale, clearing out and cleaning up, doing some deferred light maintenance, and keeping it “show ready” so that strangers can come take a peek at a moment’s notice, living with the uncertainty of when – or even if – an interested buyer will bite is enough to rattle even the calmest homeowner.

Here are a few guidelines that can help you sail through the process of selling your home:

Take a backseat. Your real estate agent is the expert, so rely on his or her advice in terms of pricing your home to sell, staging it so that it looks its best, and what you might expect in terms of buyer interest based on the property itself and the local real estate market. Your agent will have ideas about how to best market your property, so let go of the reins and follow his or her lead.

Simplify. The best way to feel in control when someone could come for a look at your home at any time is to make everything easy. Up front, you’re going to have to de-clutter your life just so that your home will show well. Sure, it’s a time investment, but it will make everything easier when you move and you may feel unburdened by letting go of extraneous stuff.

Make plenty of checklists for the home sale, your move, and other daily routines so that you don’t forget anything and end up frazzled. A daily checklist for showing your home could include quick cleanup ideas that you can accomplish in just a few minutes, such as emptying trash, hiding away dirty dishes and laundry, and quickly wiping down tables, countertops, and mirrors. Keep plenty of paper towels and cleaning wipes on hand.

You might want to consider eating out more often, or using paper plates. Keep meals simple so that your kitchen stays clean: think fresh fruits and veggies, sandwiches, and granola bars. Consider pre-cooking meals in the evening when showings are unlikely and heating them up the next day.

And if you are one who likes to shove things in closets as a last minute cleaning technique, like I do, buy a few extra laundry baskets and transfer the items to the back of your car when you leave for an upcoming showing.  Yes, this even applies to actual laundry too!

Pamper yourself. Now is a great time to relieve stress by taking a long walk, getting a massage, or heading out to the movies. Better yet if you can swing a long weekend away or enjoy a shopping spree. By getting away from your home, you’ll be walking away from the constant reminder that your house is on the market.

Think ahead. Keep the future in focus and envision yourself after your move. Maybe you’re moving into a new home or heading off to a new adventure. Think about the payoff that will come once your house is sold, and remind yourself that it can’t stay on the market forever. Anticipation of something new is one of life’s great joys.

As with any exciting transition in life, selling your home can be at once exciting and intimidating. Partnering with a crackerjack real estate agent before you list your home can help lessen your stress – after all, agents do this sort of thing all the time!



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