Ideas for Converting Unused Spaces into Wine Cellars

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 May 2014 22:54
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A wine cellar can add significant amount to the resale value of your property. If you are not a money minded man then too there are many advantages of having a wine cellar at your home. The foremost among them is the advantage of choosing the best bottle of well preserved wine whenever you want to have some. Wine is the drink of the Gods, as it is said. There is something regal about this drink and you are bound to fall in love with it. Soon you will become an ardent collector. Wouldn’t it be good if there was an ideal space to store the bottles of fine and precious wine? Now, you do not need a large space to construct a wine cellar. The wine cellars and rooms have become more utility based and space conscious. A small unused space would be apt for a wine cellar. The trick is to find that unused space in your property. There are various ideas given below which would excite you:

  • Dining Room Displays: What would be a better place to store wine then the space where you dine and wine? You enjoy the lunches and dinners with your friends and family at this exact spot and all the while you can enjoy some good wine. The dining room wine displays can attract quite a few eyeballs, admiring ones. There are glass covered displays and then there are open ones. The best thing about having a wine cellar just beside the dining area is that you do not have to run to the other part of the house if the wine gets over midway through the dinner.
  • Closet Conversions: Space crunch should not keep you away from collecting wine. The closets that are converted to wine rooms can help you maximize the space. You can add to the décor of the room with proper refrigeration and some soft lights in place. There are various designs and types of wine closets available. You have to choose a style that matches your tastes and interior.
  • Home Bars: You can have all the good elements of your favorite bar incorporated into an unused corner of the room. You can decorate the home bar with individual storage racks, mesh cabinets, bulk storage bins, hanging wine glass rack and table tops. You can taste wine with your family and friends at this stylish bar.
  • Cellars under the Stairs: Most homeowners do not know what to do with that extra space left below the stairs. It goes unused or stacked with unnecessary stuff. This space could be aptly utilized to create a wine cellar. There are various types of angled racks and display features available in the market. These could be used to build a custom wine cellar.
  • Garage Transformations: If you do not have any spare space in the basement, closet or any room, then transforming the garage into a wine cellar is a good idea. The best thing about turning your garage into a wine cellar is that there is plenty of space to play around with. You can choose great designs. All you have to do is give a protective coating of paint, install some air tight special variety doors and opt for an air conditioner. The garage turned to wine cellar can be the ideal destination to host parties with friends and all the while taste good wine.

Space crunch does not have to impede your plans of building a well stocked wine cellar. Look around in the market. The cellar appliances are available in various sizes, heights, designs and makes. Always read wine cooler reviews from some trusted resources before buying one.

Photo credit Jim G

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