How to Build a Wine Cellar In Your Home

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 28 May 2014 04:46

Having your own wine cellar in the comfort of your home? Sounds very alluring. Is it possible to make? It most certainly is. Considering the fact that each home is specific, there can not be only one list of rules how to design your cellar. Acoording to multitude circumstances, you have to consider size and location of the wine cellar, and it is recommendable to pay attention about climate of the region you live.

With these factors in mind, and given the fact that every cellar will be different in its own unique way, there are some build requirements that you should follow for reaching your goal. Space can sometimes be unsuitable and inconvenient for constructing wine cellar, but there are plenty of additions and installations that can help you make it suitable. Once you performed thorough analysis of work you have to comlete in order to create your wine cellar, you are ready to make your fresh start.

Location is the first step

Determine the best location of your wine cellar. That location should be the coldest part of your home, and your first association about this is usually the basement. Ideal temperature in cellar should be between 55 to 58 degrees, and humidity between 55 to 75 percent, according to world standards. If you dont pay attention to this standards, you risk to jeopardize your entire wine collection.

Insulate your cellar’s walls

Insulation is important part of this project, because insulated walls maintain adequate conditions inside the cellar. There are few ways how to make insulation, but the easiest one is to use spray foam insulation.

The cooling unit

The cooling unit is necessary to make yor wine cellar safe from teperature fluctuactions, that can be harmful to wine. When choosing the cooling unit, you could pick a split cooling system that is proven as a very efficient product.

Lighting is a challenging part of the project

You want a light that is bright enough to enable you free motion inside your cellar, to provide you enough light to find your desired wine anytime, but there is a fashion moment, cause you surely want your cellar to look pretty and handsome, well decorated with fine illumination. Be advised, UV (ultra vilolet) lights can be attractive, but also can cause serious damage to wine during a long period of time, so that is an important consideration to keep in mind.

Humidifier is needed sometimes, because not all spaces can keep humidity on desirable level, so you have to make this additional effort to make your wine safe. As said before, control humidity and do your best to keep it in proper range, otherwise, in long terms all of your work and efforts to create wine cellar will be in vain.

Racks are unavoidable part of your cellar, you can find them in many shapes, made of various materials, mostly wood. Wood is an old fashioned material for racks, dates from old ages, but it can never get out of fashion.

Next step...let’s see. How about enjoying in taste of your precious wines with your family and your friends?

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