Design Ideas for Remodelling Your Bathroom

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 June 2014 07:58

Eventually everyone grows bored of the way their bathroom looks and decides it is time to introduce some change. A complete bathroom makeover is a lot of work, but we all do it sooner or later, which is why you need to put your mind to it and decide what your bathroom is going to look like. Making a bad decision is not a commodity you can afford, because if you don’t like the way your bathroom looks like after it is remodelled, it will cause you a lot of stress. You will have practically wasted a lot of money, and if you decide to have a do over, you are only going to prolong the messy state your house is already in. Here are a couple of tips that can help you with redecorating your bathroom.

Plan ahead

Make sure that you set aside some extra money in case of any unplanned expenses. There are a number of things that may go wrong, like the shortage of materials or unexpected damage to your pipes that needs to be fixed, etc. Also, cover every nook and cranny of your place with either paper or nylon, because once the workers start destroying your old ceramic tiles, there is going to be a lot of dust and dirt all over the place. This is really important because it is a lot easier to just remove the nylon once the job is finished, than to thoroughly clean everything.

Pick the new porcelain tiles to cover the surface

This process always involves a lot of thinking, like what colour should the tiles be, what size, shape, etc. Search the web for bathroom pictures and try to find something that you like and that can be a plausible option for your bathroom. Don’t be hasty, like it was said before, if you end up not liking your bathroom, you are either going to have to leave it like that for a long time, or just repeat the whole process and be very mad at yourself either way. If it is too much trouble for you to decide on the colour, just pick a casual one like blue, teal or white - these are the most common tiles that you find in any bathroom.

Install new ventilation system

People usually use this opportunity to get a new ventilation system. A bathroom fan is probably the best way to go. Also, you can install a humidity sensing device that will turn your fan on or turn it off, depending on the humidity level in your bathroom.

Tankless water heater

This thing can save you a lot money, since it works on the principle that it heats water the moment someone turns the faucet. The water passes through the heat exchanger and comes out warm, without any need to be heated in any sort of tank. By installing a tankless water heater, you can save up to 40 percent of money that you spend on heating water in your tank. It is worth mentioning that this option is a lot more expensive than a usual tank water heater, but on the long run, it will save you money, and serve you for ten years at least.

Opt for a shower stall rather than tub

First of all, it is a lot easier to clean a shower stall than to clean a bathtub, plus a tub takes much more space than a shower stall. If you are a busy person, you are more likely to take a shower than spend time relaxing in a tub. Yes, it is a far better experience to take a long bath than a shower, but ask yourself: “When was the last time I actually took a long bath?” Additionally, a bathtub needs to be of big proportions in order for you to have a relaxing experience.

To sum up, this is an important decision, and if it is executed properly, you will enter a state of bliss whenever you walk into your bathroom, for a first month at least. It is a worthy investment, and you will be filled with joy as your neighbours admire the quality and beauty of your new bathroom.

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