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Buying a Ski Home - 5 Things to Consider

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 24 June 2014 14:32

If you are an avid skier, chances are you have dealt with the struggles of booking a place to stay at your favorite ski resort. During the peak seasons, the cost and availability of comfortable lodging locations can be outrageous. It is not unheard of for skiers to pay up to $2000 dollars a night for a place to stay. Rather than dealing with the stress of finding a nice place to stay, more and more skiing enthusiasts are simply buying a property rather than renting one out.


Believe it or not, owning a ski property can actually be less expensive and way more convenient for your skiing needs. Rather than dropping thousands of dollars for a few days at a rental, you could simply use your own property at your own terms for a monthly payment that is near or less than renting costs. Plus you can make some side money by renting it out while you’re not there. The market for ski homes is booming, as this is becoming the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite ski resort. Before you jump the gun and invest in one of these homes, here are five things to consider:

Accessibility: When looking at vacation homes, you need to ask yourself several questions- How is the travel time to the house? Is it close to the slopes? What are the costs associated with traveling to and from the house? Is the home accessible year round? When it comes to choosing the right home accessibility should be a primary concern. After all, who wants to own a ski home that is 1 hour away from the slopes?

Seasonality: When you buy a ski home, you now have access to it year-round. With that said, consider how you can enjoy your home 365 days a year. Popular resorts, like those offered in Park City, Telluride, Aspen, and Vail not only offer awesome slopes in the winter but also deliver plenty of fun activities in the summer. If you’re focused on just skiing, consider places at higher elevations that have longer winters.

Affordability: While we all want the perfect ski home with endless amenities, plenty of space, and an unmatched location, it is important to remember costs. Know your budget and know where to draw the line. While you may want a home at a French resort, it may be more affordable to settle down in a home on the Wasatch Mountains of Utah or the Rocky Mountain of Colorado.

Location: Be sure to choose a location you don’t mind traveling to, as this can be an expense in its own. You’ll want to make sure that the home is accessible during all times of the year and that it can cater towards all your skiing needs. Since you own the home year-round, you’ll also want to make sure it’s a good place to be even when there is no snow.

Investment Potential: If you decide to commit to owning a property rather than going through the hassle of renting one each time you ski, make sure that your decision is economically sound. Does the joy of owning the home outweigh the costs? Will you use it enough to get your money’s worth? These are important questions to consider. If your home is marketable to others, you can also consider renting it out to make a nice income to help cover the costs of ownership.

Karin Gage is an Associate Broker with Summit Sotherby's International Realty in Utah. She has been working in Park City real estate for over 20 years and also serves the Deer Valley real estate market.


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