How to Negotiate With Your Realtor & Save Thousands in Fees!

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Saving Fees on Selling Your Home

When you have a real estate agent help you sell your home, they can take up to six percent or more of the selling price as their commission. For a $250,000 home, that could mean paying them up to $15,000. However, there are ways to get around that by finding “full service” top producing real estate agents willing to work with you and reduce their commissions to earn your business. Even if a real estate agent reduces their commission by one percent, taking five percent instead of six, that would save you $2,500 when you sell your house.

While not every real estate agent will be willing to make this deal with you, there are many out in the market that will in order to get your business. After all, making $12,500 in commissions is much better than making nothing. The right real estate agent won't skimp on their services either. They will offer you the best service they can in order to sell your home as close to the asking price as possible. That allows them to make more in commissions and you get more money in your pocket as well.

Incentives for Buying a Home

When you work with the right agent to buy a home, they will help find incentives that will help you put cash back into your pocket. If you are close to a deal on buying a house, the buyers agent may offer you cash back or they may put appliances you want in the kitchen as a way to entice you to complete the purchase of the home.

Incentives to buyers are legal in 38 states allow, and are recommended by the USA Department of Justice to help home buyers save money. However, most agents won’t tell you this because it means less money for them. In fact I found 80% of home buyers do not realize this and let thousands slip through their hands.

Whether you are trying to sale a house or purchase one, working with the right real estate agent can help you put more money back into your pocket.


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