Home Shouldn't Be a Place of Danger - Ways to Keep the Home Safe for an Aging Loved One

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 02 July 2014 20:53

Caring for an ageing parent or loved one is extremely difficult, but what is even more challenging is worrying about their safety, especially when they are in their own home. For those that are well into their later years, mobility and staying safe becomes increasingly difficult. Essentially, anything around the home can provide discomfort and it also can become terribly hazardous. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can make the home a safer and more comfortable place for your loved one to live in. Below are just a few great tips for things you can incorporate into the home for safety purposes.

Turn the Stairs into a Non-Issue

One of the most notorious culprits in the home for the elderly are the stairs. As people age, their ability to maneuver becomes increasingly difficult. In addition to this, because the muscles are not what they used to be, walking up the stairs can even be categorized as a painful experience. To mitigate this problem, consider incorporating what is known as a "stair chair." The stair chair is a motorized unit that helps older individuals move up the stairs while in a seated position. It is extremely comfortable, safe, and it helps you worry much less about your loved one being alone in the home.

Renovate the Floors Non-Slippery Floors and Incorporate Bright Lighting

Another issue for most elderly individuals is that when the floors are made of tile or wood, they become a hazard because of their slipperiness. A simple few steps can lead your loved one to skid and injure themselves, and if no one is home, the hazard becomes even more problematic. To avoid these problems, you can add rugs and carpeting to the dangerous areas of the floor, or you can make the floors slip resistant. This will protect your loved one from accidents and it will also enhance their comfort in their home. Furthermore, consider adding bright lighting and ensuring that no room is too dark. Without the right light, accidents can easily happen.

Make Home Comfortable as Can Be

Comfort is ideal for health and safety. As Acute Healthcare points out, using the right bed and mattress can make a world of difference. A soft and adjustable mattress protects the back, supports the body, and prevents pain and discomfort throughout the day. In addition, an adjustable mattress also allows individuals to maneuver the mattress electronically to a manner that suites their needs. From watching television to resting in bed, an adjustable mattress is not only comfortable, but it is extremely convenient.

Making the right safety renovations can help your loved one remain safe and protected in their own home. The home should never be a place where one worries about their safety, and taking the above precautions can turn the home into one of those places. With a comfortable and supportive bedroom, organization, safe floors, bright lighting, and maneuverable stairs, you can turn the home into one where no one needs to worry about discomfort, pain, or injury.

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