Four Amazing Things About Wood Kitchen Countertops

Written by Posted On Thursday, 03 July 2014 09:15

Are you the type of person who chose your current home because it had amazing wood flooring?  If so, you’re not alone.  Wood floors can deliver impeccable beauty to any home, and with unique patterns and coloration, every floor is unique.  But wood doesn’t have to be relegated to just the floor.  The countertop is another opportunity to squeeze a little more wood into your life.  And who doesn’t want a little more wood in their lives and in their home? 

In far too many cases, wood countertops get overlooked in the kitchen environment.  Wood takes a backseat to granite, laminate, or stainless steel, or any of the other numerous materials.  If you’re considering a kitchen remodel or renovation, wood can be a cost effective way to add warmth and style to one of the most important rooms of any home.

What’s so great about wood countertops?

They’re durable.  Honestly, this can be said about a number of countertop materials, but wood has a reputation of being more easily damaged compared to stone or steel, when, in fact, the opposite is true.  Wood tends to come with a stigma that is should be used more for “show” rather than practical use.  While they certainly are have a quality of being “showy,” as they tend to stand out more than other materials, they are very functional and resistant to long-term wear. 

With proper maintenance, they can last upwards of 20 years.  And, yes, while they will get nicked and scratched, and may even become dull in appearance, the great thing about wood, unlike other materials, is the ease of repair.  Sand out the blemishes and refinish the surface and it’s ready for the next round of use.

They’re eco-friendly.  With a little research, is easy to find wood sourced from ecologically friendly and sustainable sources.  Unlike granite and marble – which are common – the overall process of harvesting wood can be (and this depends on the source, which varies greatly) more environmentally friendly the extracting stone from quarries.  However, if you really want to go the extra mile, you can search around for reclaimed wood products.  An increasing number of countertops ware being built from wood that’s been specifically salvaged and repurposed.  Not only is this smart, you might be able to find wood imbued with additional character and charm.

They’re beautiful.  It goes without saying.  Wood is packed with character.  Every line is unique.  Different types of wood have different patterns and colors.  The choices are wide and there is something for every taste.  Not only does it bring in inviting warmth to any kitchen, wood provides a sense of balance and can look fantastic with any color scheme or décor choice.  You can find the wood that fits your personality, and by extension create the kitchen that reflects who you are.

They’re sanitary.  One major fact about wood is that it’s porous.  Because of this, it’s assumed the wood is more susceptible to moisture and bacteria than other types of counters.  But you’re going to find most counter material have some level of porousness, such as granite and marble.  The interesting thing about wood, though, is its inherent antimicrobial nature.  In the natural world, trees had to adapt to fend off both moisture and microbial damage, and when you use it in a home application; you can reap the benefits of this.  Of course, it’s not foolproof.  You still need to clean maintain your counters and minimize surface blemishes where moisture and bacteria can accumulate.  Just wipe it down and keep it dry after every use, and you’re golden!

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Jonathon Ensor

Jonathon Ensor stays on top of the latest home design trends as a writer for Empire Today. He loves to get unique furniture and decorations from thrift stores and garage sales.  He recently renovated his kitchen and is trying to figure out what room to do next.

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