How to Dress up your Bay Windows

Written by Posted On Monday, 07 July 2014 02:20

Bay windows add both a stylish and functional element to your home. When viewed from the outside, these windows appear as a structural detail that enhances the beauty of your house. But from the inside, they do more than just look attractive. They add space to your home and breathe in ample amounts of natural light while playing their part of being a visual treat. But at the same time, decorating them can be quite a challenge.

Bay windows comprise of three window panes that push out of a house’s linear countenance. So, decorating them without overdoing or under doing it is not as easy as it may appear. There are many ways of dressing up these windows. Given below are some steps that you can follow.

1. Select the right rods: Whether you decide to hang curtains, custom-made blinds, or draperies, you would require securely fastened rods or bars that can bear the weight of these window treatments. Make sure you install the right sized rods to fit the space around the window.

There are three things you need to consider while choosing the rods:

  • Decide on what material you want. It can be either wood or metal.
  • Choose the hardware in accordance with the paint and décor of your room.
  • Carefully measure the entire area around the window before proceeding to install the rods. You can either use a drill or a screwdriver, or seek a professional’s help.

2). Have simple window treatments: Avoid going over board when styling these home windows. There is a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns and fabrics available to choose from. For instance, you can opt for sheer drapes that hang till the window sill. Or, you can choose full-length silk or drapery panels that look extremely elegant. You can keep your curtains tied or open, depending on your comfort for privacy. In case privacy is not an issue, you can also consider having valence as a top treatment for your windows.

3). Give due thought to blinds: Blinds are treatments that can be used both in addition to and in place of draperies and curtains. Available in different designs and sizes, you can make your choice from amongst wood or vinyl. You can either purchase them readymade or have them custom-designed. Mini-blinds are also an excellent choice – keep them open during the day to enjoy natural light and closed at night to enjoy privacy.


4). Try out shades that are adjustable: Various options of adjustable shades include paper shades, fabric varieties or Roman shades. You can pull them down as and when you wish to have some privacy and shelter from the bright sun; these treatments act as an excellent filter. You can either hang these solo or team them up with drapes or curtains.

Here is an example of how you can style Roman shades.

5. Don’t ignore the in-between space: Consider hanging drapes or curtains in-between each window. This will look extremely attractive even without actually covering the windows.

6. Get a window seat: Complement your UPVC bay windows with a seating arrangement and dress it up with stylish cushions. Make it comfortable to enjoy your leisure time with a steaming cup of hot coffee or a good book.

In the end, just remember to choose those treatments that work best for you. Keep the style of your windows elegant and enjoy your personal space in the lap of luxury. Good luck and happy styling!





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