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Written by Posted On Wednesday, 16 July 2014 07:33

1. Backyards: What are people looking for in a backyard when purchasing a home? 

Given the high cost of clearing and landscaping, most buyers are looking for a backyard that is ready to go.  In addition, with people seemingly shorter on time than ever, Buyers are looking for low maintenance:  not too large, flat and easy to mow!

2. What are some particular things men are looking for in a home versus what women are looking for? 

Men want a "man cave," a place to escape away to whereas women want kitchens with enough space to host a get-together!  Both men and women seem to care about master baths and closet space.

3. Micro-living is becoming more and more popular as they are eco-friendly and cost efficient. What are your thoughts on the "mini-house" movement? Will it last?

Here I think time will tell but the trend now is definitely toward conservation, efficiency and cost savings.

4. What is usually a top request from buyers or something that is a "deal breaker"? For example: granite countertops, stand-up shower, walk-in closets, etc. 

Kitchens sell houses.  Period.  Most of today's buyers like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.  In addition, since the kitchen is the center of the home, Buyers are looking for an island or peninsula where family and friends can gather round, sharing in the cooking and/or the conversation.

5. Is there a science to the color of a home in attracting future buyers? If so, do you encourage sellers to change the color of their home?

Painting the exterior of a home is expensive; therefore, in most cases, I would not recommend my Seller to paint the outside unless it is absolutely needed it.  However, repainting the front or even just the front door can often go a long way to improving curb appeal!


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