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Most Practiced Methods to Get Rid Of The Wood Roach In America

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:28

One of the larger species of cockroaches wood roaches are also known as American roaches. Reddish brown in color, a wood roach does not necessarily bite or sting but can be very creepy and unsightly around the house. There are number of methods that are employed to get rid of wood roaches in America. In this article we discuss some of these and also try and offer insights into what are the best ones to employ with the most effective results.

Wood roaches or German roaches are rampant inside the house in hot summer months. In most cases they are not harmful as in they do not bite etc but definitely are undesirable around the house and tend to get into stuff as well as leave droppings here and there. A wood roach in particular is also known as a water bug or tree roach.

In most cases wood roaches are found in the outdoors and things like stacks of wood etc are their preferred habitat but in some cases they can find their way into the home as well.

In the first instance if one spots one or two roaches inside the house there are steps that can be taken to prevent an attack.

  • In the first instance the best way to get rid of these roaches to attack and clear up the habitat that they dwell in. Decaying organic matter, woodpiles and leaf piles around the house should be cleared regularly and not allowed to accumulate.
  • One of the places where these roaches can enter the house from can be holes and crevices in doors and windows. They are very small- only about inch long and because of this do not need a large space to get in. It is hence important to make sure that window screens are free of holes and all seals around doors and windows are intact.

If an attack has already happened there are certain products that can be utilized to get rid of wood roaches.

  • Roach gel is one such product and there are a number of brands available in the market. While the brands are different, the methodology is the same. The roaches eat the gel and retreat back to their nest. Once they die of the poisoned gel, the other roaches eat those carcasses and in the process are eliminated too.
  • The other option is to use a spray like Cyper WP that contains a powerful active ingredient called cypermethrin. This spray has long lasting effects and can help in eliminating roaches as well as other pests for up to a period of three months. Once the spray is applied it leaves a film and helps control the roaches by contact and in fact it is a very good product for eliminating these tougher pests.

When it comes to using these products, it is extremely important to follow the instructions since they are chemical formulations and need to applied as advised by manufacturers. Only then can proper results be achieved and maintained.




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