4 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your Patio This Summer

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 July 2014 15:11

Summer's here and if you've got a patio or backyard space it's time to breath some new life and fun into it. We don't all have the budget for a brand new patio furniture set or designer landscaping but there are plenty of additions and redesigns you can do yourself to liven up any outdoor space. Here are 4 quick and easy design ideas to make your patio or backyard the tranquil paradise you know it can be.

Add lights

Lights are simple and easy and the best way to pretty up your backyard or patio space. Outdoor lighting is romantic, practical and just plain beautiful. There are several different ways to set your mood lighting so pick whichever you like best. Here are a few ideas.

Lanterns - These paper lanterns are a really fun way to incorporate light and a cute design into your patio. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors so


Candles (just don’t leave them unattended!) - Candles for your outdoor space are best when you have a protective holder like this one to keep the wind from blowing them out.


String lights - There are plenty to choose from but no matter what you can't go wrong. You can even save yourself some money and simply reuse your Christmas lights that are just collecting dust this time of year in the garage.


Plant a container garden

A true garden takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and maintain. However planting a container garden is a fun and easy way to do a bit of gardening without having to deal with a lawn to mow or weeds. Plus a container garden can fit anywhere so space doesn't have to be an issue.

And don’t be afraid to get creative with your containers…

These vintage mailboxes make the perfect planter and are easy to hang if you're tight on outdoor space.


Don't limit yourself when buying containers for your garden - anything goes. These shoe planters are adorable and a great way to recycle that favorite pair of shoes you just can't part with.

And try out an eclectic and quirky approach by mixing and matching different types of containers. You can find vintage teapots, adorable dishes and other fun and funky containers at thrift shops and yard sales.


Put in a trellis

A trellis is just a framework for plants to grow on and can fit on any small patio or backyard space. It’s especially a great way to break up a blank or boring wall by bringing life and color to the area. You can decide if you want your plants to be purely decoration or practical as well. Great things to plant up a trellis include pretty plants like morning glories, golden trumpets and ivy or something savory like tomatoes.

You can keep it small and simple by making your own...


Or create a big beautiful covered archway. No matter how you incorporate climbing vines and flowers, it's a great way to make your whole space look alive and thriving.


Add Color

Adding color doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s always a great way to make your patio pop. There are tons of ways to incorporate more color into your current patio design too.

You don't have to buy a new set of furniture - just liven up what you already have with colorful pillows. Mix and match colors, designs and textures to round out your look.



Rugs are fun too and don't have to be expensive. You can stack them to get more textures and colors or let them stand alone. However, make sure your rug is indoor/outdoor - if it's not it will fad, rip and get ruined.


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