How to Start an Island Life

Written by Posted On Monday, 21 July 2014 13:36
How to Start an Island Life


Although technology continues to flow evermore into our lives, thee home buyer will watch certain trends come and go. Of course the influence is inevitable, but natural features will always win out in realty. There are certain classes of housing that will not seem to go away, and only satisfies the most basic of our ancestral needs, the island.  The island life is one that few are able to enjoy, so make the decision quick. Here I’ll walk you through some up and coming properties and give you the vision required to make island life your own. 

Consider how much you’re going to be paying, we’ll take a look at several styles, prices, and features for islands, and see where you fit. Mortgage lenders can prequalify you, but for the DIY-er out there, you may find yourself to be quite the expert. Look over some listings and see what is out there.

Whether you’ve used a general mortgage calculator or had to go through a mortgage officer, you’ll soon have a number to go buy and can start considering some listings. Do you want a brand new weather-sealed home, or something a little older you can have some practice fixing up? That may be determined by your mortgage number, but consider the older styles and the spin you can put on them.

It also may be apropos to consider your previous debt, and how to manage it. One might consider making a plan, and strategically following through to devise a consolidation plan that will negotiate debt from the multitude of sources and into one lower, regular payment. This will be necessary to complete your first step, ultimately. Again, if you aren’t the average Do it yourself kind of person, then you’ll want to read some reviews and locate a trustworthy debt management entity. This choice isn’t for everyone, but if you haven’t settled your debt, island life may be far coast away.

Next, consider finding some quality realtors, they’ll usually be the ones associated with the listing that you are looking over. Chances are if you enjoy looking over the listings you’ll just have to contact the realtors and meet with them yourself. If you think you’ve met some great, and trustworthy people then, by all means continue the relationship. These people are here to help you!

When you find something you truly think you can live in, and are serious about, then your realtor will help you determine an amount to offer on the home. This step shows both the realtor and the owner of the home that you’re truly serious, and although you may not have to convince the realtor, the homeowner may need some dedication as the negotiation begins here.

Once you’ve both come to an agreement on the offer, you will sign a contract and make the appropriate terms in effect. At this time you need to file with your lenders and come to terms with a payment schedule. If you’ve finished tying up all the negotiations then you probably know but now that the home is yours, and island life is no longer a dream but a firm reality.  Now go have a seat on the beach, soak your feet, and enjoy!


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