Make Sure the Garage Does Not Wreck the Sale

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What's the most important factor about a home that will contribute to a fast, profitable sale? The answer, truthfully, depends on your market and the needs of your potential buyer. Yet many real estate agents fail to consider one of the more important features of a home — the garage. Some buyers want a beautiful, well-organized garage, and an ugly or poorly organized garage can kill the sale. Here are some tips to share with your sellers as they prep their homes, and garages, for sale.

Make Sure the Door Works Well

Today's homebuyers want a functional garage door, so make sure the door works well. If the garage door opener is older, make sure it opens smoothly and without unwanted noise. All it would take is one attempt to open the door to find that the door is loud and slow-moving, turning an interested party away from buying the home.

As you look at the garage door, make sure that the tracks, springs and coils on the opener look clean and lubricated. Removing cobwebs and grime and adding lubricant to moving parts can help make the garage door function better, and help the house show more effectively to potential buyers, without too much expense.

Consider the Appeal of the Garage

Curb appeal may be listed on your most important features list, but have you considered the curb appeal of the garage itself? Does the door complement the home's architecture? Is the paint well maintained? Does it look nice when people drive by?

A few minor changes to dress up the garage door, such as a fresh coat of paint or some modern decorative hardware, can make people stop and take a closer look. If the door needs to be replaced, replacing it with a unique design or material can help the house to stand out. Offer these tips to your sellers as they consider their options.

Organizing the Garage

Is the garage an organized, tidy space that will appeal to potential buyers?

This can be tricky when a homeowner is getting ready to move. The owners may be using the garage as a storage space for their belongings. Emphasize that the garage needs to be an organized space, and their belongings are better off in a storage unit while the house is on the market.

Organizing the garage does not have to be costly, and it shouldn't be since the owners are moving out. A few hooks to hang tools or bags, PVC holders screwed to the wall for larger items and bins or buckets for playthings will turn a disorganized mess into an organized space.

Room for Vehicles

As you talk with the sellers about the garage, make sure they understand how important it is to show that the garage has room. Buyers want to see that they will have space for their vehicles. Too many items stored in the garage will detract from this. Organize and purge so that the garage looks spacious.

Cleanliness Is Key

A garage is a workspace, sure, but when a home is on the market it should shine like the rest of the house. Sweep away cobwebs and dry leaves and make the space look clean and, as much as possible, inviting.

Add Some Lighting

For someone who plans to use the garage as a workspace, proper lighting is essential. If the lighting in the garage is nothing more than an uncovered bulb in the middle of the room, talk to your sellers about adding some more lighting to brighten up the space. It may make the difference between a fast sale and a home that sits.

As an agent, it's your job to help your sellers think about all aspects of their home as they prepare it for sale. This includes the areas, like the garage, that are often overlooked. Remember, all it takes is something seemingly small, like a disorganized or poorly maintained garage, to kill a sale. Don't let this happen to you!

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Justin White currently serves as Marketing Director for Garage Door Repair, LLC, which proudly serves the greater Washington DC area, as well as Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania with repair, installation and maintenance services.

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