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There are around 8 million households living in rented accommodation in the UK and as of 2013, for the first time since the Nineteen-Sixties the majority of these are in the private sector as opposed to social housing. If you're one of the millions living in a rental property your landlord is a significant figure in your life. Most of us feel happier when we have some sense of security and 'a roof over your head' is about as basic as it gets. You want to know that your home will be available for as long as you need it and that when you move out you'll get your deposit back and a good reference. There's a lot you can do to make sure that your relationship with your landlord stays healthy. Here's a quick guide to the most important factors in being a model tenant, one that any landlord will be happy to accommodate.

Pay Your Rent On Time

This is generally at or near the top of the list for any landlord and quite apart from the financial considerations it's a sign of your respect for the person you're renting from. Things can happen; if a situation occurs when you realise you won't have the rent available by the due date do inform your landlord or his agent. Pay what you can, explain why you can't pay the total and state when the balance will be paid. If the situation that's occurred is likely to go on for some time and you're a good tenant in all other respects you might be able to negotiate a temporary reduction or some other arrangement. Or you might not, but in any event it's better to be frank about a problem than to bury your head.

Look After the Property

This vies with paying the rent on time for number one spot. It means staying on top of the cleaning and maintaining any outdoor space you have responsibility for. Keeping your home clean throughout your time there will make your end of tenancy cleaning Cricklewood much easier when the time comes for you to move out. Looking after the property also means informing your landlord promptly of any maintenance or repair needs which are his responsibility. A leaking pipe or a problem with the guttering are easy enough to fix, the damage which can arise from either if they're neglected is much more expensive to remedy. Make your notifications in writing and keep a record of your correspondence. In some circumstance, if the landlord fails to make repairs you may have the right to get them done and deduct the costs from your rent. Try to get an agreement from your landlord in advance first, if he's not cooperative seek advice from the citizens advice bureau or a professional before taking any unilateral action.

Stay on Good terms With Your Neighbours

Be a good neighbour yourself, thinking about issues like noise, parties, parking difficulties and all those other things that can cause tensions between people living in close proximity. Sometimes, you're unlucky and end up with neighbours who don't show you the consideration you deserve. It this happens discuss the situation with your landlord before things deteriorate too far. There may not be much he can do but he'll almost certainly appreciate being kept informed. One of the advantages of renting is that if it gets too hellish you can move, but your landlord will have to rent the property out again or sell it and both can be difficult with a record or neighbourly disputes. So, he has as much vested interest in resolving the situation as you can.

Moving On

Sooner or later you'll likely want to move, either to another rented place or to a home you've bought. Your landlord will appreciate as much notice as possible and more than anything else he'll love you if you leave your old place ready for its next tenant. This may mean some repainting or general repairs. It certainly means attending to your end of tenancy cleaning in Cricklewood as thoroughly as possible. If you don't have the time to do it yourself, consider calling professional cleaners in to do it. With so many cleaning companies around it won't be difficult for you to get the cleaning done to a high standard for a reasonable price.

Keeping your landlord happy shouldn't be too difficult and it will make your time in your rented home more enjoyable, ensure you get a good reference when you leave and should mean that you get your deposit back when you move.

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