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Corners can be designed in various ways to accentuate the decor of your living room. These can also be converted into aesthetically appealing places with some effort. Corners of a home are usually neglected. The following are the suggestion which you should include in your home improvement plan.

However, with some innovative approach they can be designed well to be functional and a visually stunning place at home. “A corner in a space defines the profile of the room, how one treats the corner depends on how one wants the space to work out. If the space is small then niches with mirror inside make it interesting and also make the space look continuous. The typical corner shelves are an absolute no-no as they define the corner, stop the continuity visually and draw attention to the size of the space. “Only when you have a large space or want to make the space look restricted or cosy, corner shelves may be a good thing but make sure the shelves are an interesting fusion of materials and not just typical glass.
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Living room is a space which hosts guests and must be aesthetically appealing. “Creating lovable spots that blend with the overall style of the space is essential. A classical design style will have wall murals and motifs, a minimalist space plays well with bare corners and light in interesting ways.

Living room is where one spends most of the time at home. Hence, this space should be kept clutter free, its best not to fill your space with too many pieces. “Keep a few stand-alone pieces in the living room along with subtle elements to accessories the space. For example, an old boat from Kerala which can be used as a book shelf and to showcase collectibles, an old traditional pram that can be converted into a mini bar, or a pair of marble murals placed in front of the windows to give an interesting twist.

One can use the corner for a bar cabinet, one can keep a small bar trolley and concealed refrigerator, just keep a little counter top with glass front cupboard below and above or an allout. Luxuriously upholstered statement arm chair in a corner can add that instant wow. “Corners are apt for conversation pieces like, tall sculptures, statues, candle stands, brass long chained hanging bells etc. A beautiful candle holder with gold leafing will add sophistication to any space.

Turn the bedroom corner into your home office!

Bedrooms are personal and the space must reflect the spirit of the owners. “If you seek God in solitude the corner can be a good space to keep idols and holy books. Creating small sleek storage case at the corner is a great idea for 2 bhk bedroom if main storage is not enough. One can convert the corner into an ornate dressing table area with mirror and neat storage for cosmetics. A corner desk can turn the area into workstation at home but ensure it has good light to work.

Design a photo corner, with fancy frames, black and white photos or get them printed on plates or as poster or create a collage for a corner wall. One can display paintings along with elements like a beautiful hanging light fixture like a Moroccan lamp or a pendant light.

Kid's room corners must be interesting and playful. One can have bright coloured wooden ladder with broader steps for keeping books or corners can be used for floating book shelf which is a beautiful option for storing books and board games. It can be made into a cosy reading corner with an elevated colorful seating of comfortable cushions. “Safety is most important in kids, so soft corners and rounded corners are a must. If the corners are not treated well they often become ugly points and are ignored .Finally clutter and dust takeover. So design the corners in style and accentuate the appeal of your home.

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