4 Quick Tips About Land Sale in Caloundra

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4 Quick Tuos About Land Sale in Caloundra



Want to dumb your old house and sell it off quick? Sounds great but not that easy! Because selling takes a lot of work, plenty of know-how and patience as well. "Can I sell my home without a broker?" Quiet difficult but possible. Just follow simple tips and see how smart you are to sell your home.

1) Would you like to purchase untidy house? No. Not at all. Then don't expect it from others as well!
First Impression counts. Spotless and clean homes are much appreciated by buyers. Even it should smell good. Too much stuff in your house? Donate it! Organize your kitchen well and sparkle it. It sells your home!. De-clutter unnecessary items and make your home look more spacious. Trim bushes and shrubs and keep your walkways clear. Fix the roofs leaks if need to and disclose any repairs that are to be made to potential buyer. (1)Top condition home will attract the buyers more!

2) Do you know what actually your home worth? Why not you evaluate your property and get the real price!

Be realistic to your selling price. Wrong price on right house guarantees no sale. "My home worth more than the market price" This behaviour fails to sell your property. Even pricing your house too low will not turn into an ultimate sale. What to do? Prior making any price assumptions, you must evaluate your home.

How to set a right price?

a) Just consult a local real estate agent, go online real estate sites or even read the newspaper. What's the benefits for such third party assessment? This will help you to get a better price range, a solid reference point in case realtor/buyer accuses you of setting prices too high.

b) Have you looked at comparable? Know about other similar homes in your areas that are selling for and arrive at a realistic assessment of your home's value.

c) Real estate agents are quiet expensive, right? Best alternative is to invest in residential appraiser. Check what it does!

3) What's next after pricing your home right? Attract your buyers!

You get to know the actual price, right? Now cut 15 to 25 % off the price. What's the reason behind this?  In today's worst market, multiple buyers will attack you with many bids. They will bid up your property over than what it actually worth. Recently I did the same for my one of the property in Australia. I listed my Caloundra land property for sale at $535,000, even though it has been appraised for $560,000. It got sold for $575,000. $15000 more than the actual price! If you don't want to take a risk then Okay. There are many other ways by which you can attract your buyers.

a) Offer your buyer a couple of thousand dollars credit towards closing cost. I have experienced this! I was very eager to purchase a property at Queensland. Finally, I purchase the <b>land at Sunshine coast</b> about to <b>sale</b> at $250,000 on credit. 

b) Offer a transferable home warranty with one year policy costing $300 to $400 and this covers your home appliances.    
Buyers will love to buy such property!

c) Close your home within 30 to 60 days! Buyers get really motivated by this option.

4) Is your buyer convinced? Yes. Quickly close your deal!

Do you possess a good negotiation skills? Yes. Great! It sells your home much faster. If both the parties are satisfied with the deal, Great! But if any of the party is not willing to come on the table, then it's useless to waste time. Go ahead for your further search. Check the documents that you need to have while selling your property.

Did you find above advice informative? Then please do not forget to comment and share yours experience as well. You can read my previous story - 4 work space design that boost the productivity at at your office.

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