4 Home Hazards That Will Endanger Your Family

Written by Posted On Friday, 08 August 2014 11:59

Even though we want our homes to be our shelter, and a place where we could really relax and take our mind off stressful things that plague our life. Truth be told, even in our homes, we are not as safe as we would like to think, and there are a number of things that could endanger not only your health, but the well-being of your family as well.

Naturally, a perfect way for protecting your property and the health of all occupants does not exist, and you will have to find all the flaws and fix them, but these are not the things that are best prevented, because you do not want to play with them.

1. Fire

Fire takes away thousands of lives each year, and the saddest thing is that all of this incidents could have been prevented. The most common starting point for domestic fire is usually the kitchen, and due to ignorance and lack of proper equipment for handling fire, people are not able to extinguish it. If oil is caught on fire due to overheating, it cannot be put out with water, only a special substance found in fire extinguishers can subside it, or simply by removing the pan from the stove and waiting for it to burn out. The best advice that anyone can give you is to have smoke detectors installed. They can be bought in all the major supermarkets, and they come ready to be installed in your kitchen, corridors and bedrooms. They will detect even the tiniest amount of smoke, and sound an alarm so you can take precautionary measures. Make sure to put them all around the house, especially near the bedrooms, so that occupants can be woken up, if there is a fire while they are sleeping. Check their batteries once a month, and replace them, or the whole detector if needed.

2. Electricity

Faulty electrical installations can also be a cause of domestic fires, and this is usually because of overloading of a circuit, and faulty circuit breakers. Even wires inside your walls have a lifespan, and you should occasionally hire a professional to check them, as plugs and sockets can also become worn out, and cause a short circuit. People like to think that they are able to repair everything with the help of the internet, and a pair of tools, but the truth is that this can be quite dangerous. In an effort to save money, not only can you cause further damage, but you can also endanger the lives of everyone around you. If you need anything electrical replaced or fixed, make sure to hire a trained professional. If you see anything that might cause you to believe something might be wrong with a plug, or a socket, turn the power off, and do not turn it on until a professional is there to help you.

3. Water

While water is a source of life, it can also be quite an enemy. A burst pipe is a really possible scenario, and this can really be troublesome while you’re sleeping, or away on vacation. Water damage is quite difficult to repair, and not to mention that all the furniture exposed to water will need to be tossed away. Water damage can not only be caused by a pipe bursting, but also by the dishwashers and washing machines that were not properly installed. Naturally, the right advice would be to call a trained professional, a plumber in this case, to help you with any pipe repair, or installation of any device that uses water.

4. Burglary

Burglary is a tough crime to stop, but you can prevent it, or simply discourage such attempts. If you frequently leave your home in order to travel, make sure to have a security system installed, that will notify you, and the police, in case anyone tries to break in. Automatic light timers are actually a good way of preventing anyone from entering, as it will look as though you are still at home. You can have simple sensors installed that detect movement via infrared, or you can have special window sensor placed, that detect the sound of glass breaking and sound an alarm. No matter how secure your neighborhood is, never leave doors and windows unlocked, and if you have an opportunity, invest into doors and windows that are made out of steel, making them much stronger.

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