Five Differential Factors between Property Managers & Real Estate Agents

Written by Posted On Sunday, 10 August 2014 06:44

Both real estate agents and property managers assist investors in many different ways. Although diverse in respect to their designations, both see to it that all your property investment deals come out optimistic, providing profitable guidance. The rise of global real estate industry also led to emergence of novel factors, making it quite imperative in knowing the difference between real estate agent and a manager. How these professionals pursue transactions and overall maintenance of realty are clearly described below.

1. Time Frame

The first difference when seeking assistance of both is time required to carry or complete a property relevant task. Agents are usually found researching commercial and private spaces that best fits your need. They’ll provide you with a catalogue, encompassing several choices to pick, final and close the existing deal. When that’s done, managers jump into the scene and are bounded to you till property is sold and new agent is chartered.

2. Earnings

Yet another distinguishing factor is net salary of both and how they’re paid for it. Agents are only paid commission which is nearly half of the sell or rental cost but not always. A certain amount is fixed in between initial phases to avoid last minute hassle or changes! When buy, sell or even lease a certain piece of land, whether fully developed or not, agents are only paid after that. This rule is commonly followed even while placing property in Dubai for sale or any place else but do know about state laws.

On the contrary, managers are compensated with monthly allowance and lest they work for large corporations, annual salary in lieu of this monthly payment is credited which is a real advantage.

3. Job Description

As stated that an agent is involved searching for properties per your likes while providing valuable guidance throughout the sales process. They’ve also access to supra lockboxes, thus showing you different properties all the way through. Whereas, managers commonly deals with rental estates, having access to it using a key or combination lock. Their primary mission is to ensure successful investment by collecting in-time rent from tenants, perform maintenance tasks and seek reliable tenants when term is about to expire or space is already vacated.

4. Marketing Efforts

Agents have access to thousands of comprehensive listing services, thus making it possible to advertise a particular real estate to other mediators and public. Web marketing and other novel approaches are allowed to be followed, proving remarkable. This procedure is quite beneficial to investors in getting optimistic results till a particular action is taken. In the meantime, managers rely on traditional marketing methods like print media, yard signage and personal referral networks.

5. Caution!

Please restrict from seeking any sort of advice regarding your tenants from agents as you don’t know who’s more credible. Instead, managers are more plausible when it comes to collect rent, track financial info and investigating background checks for reliability. Though agents have access to such responsibilities, once commission is received, they’re no longer involved in the process which means seeking further assistance may prove fatal in sense of reliability. Managers are more accountable as they’ll be working with tenants for a longer duration.


Hence the veil is finally lifted and it’s now clear about primary difference between managers and real estate agents.

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