10 Proven Tips to Decorate a Condo Apartment

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Summary: Space is one of the biggest constraint in condo apartments and so designing it to your taste should focus on a few aspects in relation to that. Guest blogger Rakesh Babber introduces 10 proven tips to decorate a condo apartment. He is a real estate agent with Cityscape Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage specializing in delivering advice for condos in Toronto Downtown core and other locations within the GTA.

Providing a luster and elegance to your “not-too-spacious” apartment may seem challenging but there are a few aspects that can be addressed to make the condo appear larger than it actually is. Many condo apartments today are often limited in the amount of usable and functional space.  As long as you can straighten out a few things like planning your space, using smart furniture that uses least amount of space, clearing out the non-essential junk etc. the small space can become a large purposeful area for your needs. If making space work for your elegance is one aspect, another important factor is obviously how you provide delicate touches here and there with images, appropriate colour scheme, accessories, etc. A thoroughly planned approach, coupled up with a few delicate touches can offer a great face lift to your apartment and you do not need to spend a fortune on that. Here are my 10 proven tips to decorate a Condo apartment to make it more efficient for everyday use.

1. Planning space is most important

When you move into a 2 bedroom condo apartment after selling your grand five bedroom home, there is no choice but to cope up with this downsizing with some planned maneuvers, particularly in regard to space. Suddenly you realize your new flat has everything except enough space for all your things to put in a nice manner. That’s when it becomes inevitable for you to get down to working on a detailed and meticulous floor plan. There are smarter ways to save space or utilize space to the fullest. For instance built-in wardrobes or shelves save a lot of space and offer nice solution for keep your things. When it comes to the kitchen, replace the bigger space consuming appliances with the smaller ones to clear the clutter. Opt for a smaller sink instead of a bigger one. Wall to wall shelves are also good for utilizing space smartly.

2. Make an artistic statement

There is nothing like putting some attractive graphic image on the door. Similar kind of artistic statements can be rendered by using custom printed glass or hand-painted artworks. In either case they add glam and bounty of charms to your home in the new apartment.

3. Put some furniture facing full-length window

Often simple things help enough to lift the spirit of your cozy living space. Remember full length window in your apartment offers the best view to the outside and so make sure that there is no clutter of things close to it distracting the vision. But leaving the window bare is not advised at all. Place a table and sofa facing it not only to facilitate sitting but also to add intimacy to the ambience.

4. Using bright accessories can be charming

A few bright and vibrant patches here and there will make your home décor more lustrous and charming. Bright hand-woven cushion covers with the backdrop of a dark sofa cover can add enough warmth to the ambience. Similarly you can experiment with window drapes or with table cloths or the sitting area. Colour pillows, designer candles or flower vases can also do the trick. Adding eye soothing and warm contrast can be the key.  

5. Make your room look bigger with dark furniture

In the cozy, short paced ambience of your condo apartment dark colour is ideal for furniture because, it helps to hide small things from making a distraction to the eyes and thus actually make the room look bigger than it is.

6. Decorate your fireplace wall

The living room in condo apartment often lacks a focal theme and to address the issue the best idea is to adding luster to your fireplace wall. Stooping glass mosaic on the fireplace wall or decorating with beautiful decorative mural work can be great way to add glamour to your home.

7. Use single dark shade for walls and built-ins

When it comes to small condo apartment, monochromatic combination of colour often proves more heartwarming than a colour scheme dominated by multiple shades. Colour the walls and built-ins with one dark shade to offer more contrast with the colours of things inside the room. In a small space a single colour wall can often create a better contrast of colours. Stay clear from creating clutter with multiple shades.

8. Hide non-essentials for a clutter free ambience

Most of the things we do not use quite often create clutter for our eyes and when it comes to small space of condo apartments they are like eye sores. Only things that are your most necessary items should be left openly at accessible reach, let other things remain in a closet or inside the louvered door. Make your kitchen and other places look as clutter free as possible.

9. Paint the ceiling with dark shade

Most people choose lighter shades for their room ceiling. That is perfectly alright as long as you are in a spacious house. But in a condo apartment you have to know the tricks of making the ambience look bigger than actually it is. Painting the ceiling with dark shades or even with black, you can change the ambience for the better in more than one way. With black or darker shades on the ceiling it will make it feel higher than usual and secondly with the fresh sunlight coming through the windows will make it look brighter.

10. Add freshness with indoor plants

One or two small vases of orchids or money plants near the window or on the study table or just hanging from the window sill can add enough freshness to your small habitat. Designer small pots or vases can add further charm to this. A bit of nature inside our cozy human shelter is always a nice and warm idea.   

There are many other aspects that deserve your attention for making your cozy apartment more attractive for the senses. But the most important of all is to prepare a detailed space plan and secondly to assure a design as simple and free of clutter free as possible.

About the Author:

Rakesh Babber is a real estate agent with Cityscape Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage in Mississauga. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics and has an extensive business background with the ability to effectively manage the real estate needs of his clients from point of contact to closing the transaction .

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Rakesh Babber

Rakesh Babber is a real estate agent in Mississauga. He has done B.Sc in Computer Science and Mathematics and He can effectively managing the needs of my customers and clients.


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