How can you maximize Open House traffic using Facebook?

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What does a successful open house mean to you? You intend to sell your house and you choose a day to showcase your house to interested buyers. Now you must have decent number of buyers visiting your house on the day of open house. But if you just sit back after announcing the date of Open House do not expect people to pour in automatically.  Open house advertising is as important as managing your open house.  It is only through proper open house advertising, you can be assured of successful turnouts on the day of event.

Have you ever given it a thought that how you can maximize your open house traffic using Facebook?

Create a Facebook page - Set up a Facebook page for the event or better if you create separate Facebook page for each listing. Include photos, descriptions, direction and teaser video of your house in the Facebook Page.  Link the Facebook Page to your blog or Business Page. Ask your readers to share the information to as many as prospective people they might think of.

Photo albums - Do you know the greatest advantage of Facebook is that you can create photo studio of your house and upload it for viewers. Photographs are worth a thousand words. Visuals are very powerful marketing tool. Click add photo to your open house page. Create a photo album to manage your photos. Do not upload too many photos to confuse viewers but ensure that viewers get a fair idea of your house through the photographs. In the caption section please describe each photo.  For example, if your front yard has pebbled road and decorated with flower pot line, then you should describe them alongside the picture.  Give separate pictures of staircase, bedrooms, bath, terrace and drawing. A visual treat of your home before Open house will certainly maximize traffic.

Cover photo - You cannot complete promotion of Open House via Facebook unless you make use of the cover photo. The cover photo will be the first thing which people will view in your Facebook page of the event. Select a best angled shot of your house to use it as a cover photo. Now it is smart to attach a link to the cover photo which directs viewers to your blog from where they can get detailed description and information on your house.

Target Geographic location - I love Facebook for realtors as it gives the option to select target areas for the promotion of Open House. Not only can you target particular areas but also you can even do preferential marketing to people profiles according to your choice.  This might narrow down invitation scope but again it increases the chance of successful closures as people looking for a house in that area will surely not give your Open House a miss. If you think your house is ideal for married couples with kids then with Facebook you can target those profiles that fit the bill.

In addition to the above tips, for me the idea of uploading a short video tour of your house in Facebook can be an icing on the cake. Do not make a long video. A one minute video from the entrance to the drawing can be a teaser to compel buyers to come and check the rest of the house. I am sure by now you have realized the potential of social media, especially Facebook to increase traffic for your Open House. So all the best for your upcoming Open house.

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