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1.     Backyards: What are people looking for in a backyard when purchasing a home? Do you find that this is something that people are very particular about when on the search or are they looking for places they can renovate? For example: homes that already have a big deck/pool or yards that have the space to make additions.

It really does depend but generally speaking, people with a family are looking for a large yard for their kids to play in. This is also great because it gives them the opportunity to put an addition on their homes down the road. A nice big yard can be the perfect quiet place, too!

Most times if the buyers are looking to downsize, then they want a smaller yard and if they want to expand, a big yard is something they’re in search of.

2.      What are some particular things men are looking for in a home versus what women are looking for?

Most men are looking for a home that has space for an office- that is a popular request. Many women are looking for a large family room. Most of the time, having two separate closets in the master bedroom is important so that buyers can have their own private space for storing belongings.

 3.     Micro-living is becoming more and more popular as they are eco-friendly and cost efficient. What are your thoughts on the “mini-house” movement? Will it last?

I think this trend is more for renters - it’s very much like renting a hotel room.  I don’t think the majority of buyers are looking for micro-living unless they are commuters/travelers who would use the space on part-time basis. Like all housing, there is a niche for it but this isn’t something that significantly impacts the market place that we’re in.

 4.     What is usually a top request from buyers or something that is a “deal breaker”? For example: granite countertops, stand-up shower, walk-in closets, etc.

Most of the time, the place has to have good bones and charm. Buyers usually can feel out when they enter a home if it’s going to be a place they can see themselves living.  Most deal breakers are when a buyer is looking for a certain number of bedrooms but cannot find it because inventory is tight. In those cases, they usually end up making compromises. There are a number of different factors that contribute to what will have a buyer walk away from a home and it mostly depends on where they are on their search.


 5.     Is there a science to the color of a home in attracting future buyers? If so, do you encourage sellers to change the color of their home?Absolutely! Each house has its own color that it looks best with. For example, you may choose a very different color house for a colonial than you would a beach bungalow. Yellow homes with cream trim as well as gray with a red door are popular and produce a “welcoming” feel for buyers.  

It’s also important to evaluate what the neighborhood expectations are for colors! 

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