3 Keys to Real Estate Selling Success According to Aussie Superstar Agent

Written by Posted On Monday, 25 August 2014 05:49

Most experts would probably agree that there is no exact formula to becoming a successful real estate agent. But one thing that’s going to make a difference in an agent’s budding career is understanding how to build a solid reputation and impact in the local community. According to Australian agent and Century 21’s top Australian salesperson for three years, Stephanie Hearne, it takes three things to accomplish that and she expounded on these in a piece she wrote for Property Observer:

1.Find your niche.

Aspiring real estate agents are expected to explore the industry before they finally find a niche they are good at. A rule of thumb is before deciding which area to further, agents should understand that they will be in it for the long run and should be able to commit to it.

“Pick the area you want to work in for the rest of your career and become the area specialist, the communities trusted advisor. Own your patch, work your patch and aim to become the agent of choice,” Hearne said.

Agents will be able to enjoy that level of success, if they do not know how to treat people well. She adds, “Always deliver on a promise, and return all enquiries on the same day. If you are good to people (honest, fair and provide exceptional service), they'll be good to you.”

Honoring one’s word indeed is important in any industry. It does not matter if you are ringing in thousands of dollars—but if you do not know how to keep your word, you will run the risk of losing your client’s confidence in you.

2.Goal-setting for the long-term is a must.

Having a long-term perspective on things is crucial when entering the business. Hearne advises agents to set realistic goals and to take things in stride even if that means you are a long way from earning top dollar.

“Don't get caught up looking at the dollar signs, focus on how many listings you can get. Slow and steady wins the race, working on improving your skills and building your listings is the path to success,” Hearne said.

3.Be prepared to sacrifice.

A lot of an agent’s work deals with coordinating with brokers, customers, developers and fellow salespersons. Thus, it takes dedication and flexibility for agents to succeed as they learn the ropes to the business. She advises agents to manage time wisely and to work harder than their peers. “It will be a hard slog to begin with but if you aim to build momentum and continue to work hard you will succeed,” Hearne said.

Read the rest of Hearne’s story on Property Observer here.

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