5 Hints to tell you that You have Selected the Wrong Real Estate Agent

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If you are going to sell or buy a property for the first time, it is most likely that you have hired a real estate agent, who will guide you through the entire process. But what if you have hired the wrong agent? While it's undeniably true that a real estate agent makes the process of buying or selling home way easier, it's equally true that an agent, who has interests opposite to your own, can ruin the entire deal. You might come across many real estate agencies, who claim that “we buy Charlotte houses” or “we buy Charlotte NC houses”. But not all of them are registered or reputed enough. Here are five hints that will tell you if you have hired the wrong real estate agent - 

  1. Your agent is unresponsive – While it is not expected that your agent will be available 24X7 to respond to your queries, he should definitely respond to your texts and voice mails within a fixed time period. It is especially important in the initial phase of the selling process. You need to keep in touch with the agent in order to figure out if the home seller has approved the listing or not.  
  2. Your agent is not enough confident – When you hire an agent, make sure you have a list of real estate interview queries. If the agent is able to answer all the queries confidently, you can rely on him. On the other hand, if the agent appears nervous or uncomfortable as soon as you start asking questions, he is definitely not the right person to work with. Don’t be driven solely by tall claims like “we buy Charlotte houses” while deciding on which agent to work with. 
  3. Your agent lacks experience – Make sure the agent you are going to work with is adequately experienced. In order to get the best possible deal, you should work with an agent who has years of hands on experience in real estate. Before you hire someone, take a look at his resume. 
  4. Your agent is disorganized – A real estate deal involves lots of paper works, and your agent should be able to handle all those smoothly. Any agent ideally deals with multiple transactions, including yours. Therefore, your agent should be extremely organized. If he misses deadlines, seems to be unorganized and fails to deliver paperwork on time, you should avoid working with him. 
  5. Lack of web presence – Your real estate agent should have a properly designed website and social media accounts. 

Even when someone claims “we buy Charlotte NC houses”, you should use these five hints to test if you have chosen the wrong realtor.

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