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Selling your house? You can greatly increase your final selling price by emphasizing your home’s strengths and downplaying its weaknesses through effective staging.

On average, home sellers see a $2 increase in sale price for every $1 they invest in staging their home. But there’s no need to spend all your money on extensive remodeling and fancy new furniture – here’s a room-by-room guide to staging your home on a budget. 


Bedrooms should give off an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, and warmth. There are several straightforward tactics to enhancing the overall appeal of your bedroom, including:

Reduce clutter. You should remove unnecessary furniture that could take away from the main function of a bedroom, such as desks, televisions, and boxes.

Add a headboard. By adding a headboard, you can draw attention to the bed and add a touch of elegance. 

Clear closets. Cluttered closets suggest that you might not have enough storage space in your house. Clean out and organize your closets to maximize the amount of storage space you are revealing to potential buyers. 

Coordinate colors. You should try to stick to a color scheme whenever possible, coordinating bedding, window treatments, and walls. If you can, touch up walls with a gender-neutral color to appeal to both sexes, and accessorize with items that complement this color scheme.


It’s a good idea to take special care when staging your bathroom, as it’s an indispensable space in a house and often the room where buyers are swayed or turned off from buying. Here are some cost-effective bathroom staging strategies:

Abolish grime. You can get rid of grime on your walls using a mixture of bleach and water before adding a fresh coat of paint. You can scrub the grime off shower doors using a combination of muriatic acid and water.

Hang white towels. By hanging white bath and hand towels, you’ll create a breezy, more luxurious atmosphere.

Clear counters. Make your bathroom appear more spacious by clearing countertops of unnecessary items such as bottles, sponges, and hairbrushes.  

The Kitchen

Kitchens should appear as efficient and well-designed as they are bright and inviting. You can make your kitchen appear both attractive and modern with these steps:

Modernize. Consider touching up your cabinets with wood stain or paint, or replacing them with stainless steel to give them a contemporary look. Modernize the appearance of your dishwasher and refrigerator with stainless-steel-stick-on covering.

Clean and de-clutter. Prospective buyers are likely to open fridges, ovens, and cabinets to get a feel for how much space they have. Don’t turn them off with mess and clutter—clean out these areas ahead of time.

The Dining Room

Dining rooms can be tricky, as they are often small spaces with little light or attached to the living room or kitchen. Here are some ways you can brighten up yours:

Set the table. It’s a great idea to set the table in your dining room to make an otherwise lackluster room more interesting.

Display flowers. Adding a vase of flowers can create a visual focal point and brighten up the space.

Let in light. You can add light to a dark dining room by hanging a mirror opposite other windows, or above warm lamps.

The Living Room

A living room should have a design that facilities both entertaining and relaxing. To create a more comfortable and engaging ambiance, try out these tips:

Update hardwood floors. Tired hardwood flooring should be sanded and stained, and damaged boards should be replaced.

Open up the space. By hanging window drapes all the way up to the ceiling on either side of the frame, you can make the ceilings appear taller and the windows appear larger. Open the shades when buyers are visiting, allowing for light to shine in and making the room seem more spacious.

Looking for even more cost-effective home staging tips? Check out this infographic  from Moshells affordable home decor.

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