How to maximize your selling potential of a property

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1. Keep the house in good condition:  The perceptible value of a house in good condition is far higher than actual cost of keeping it in good condition. So even if you have to spend some money to refurbish your house, do that.  You are likely to see more returns of the investment.
2. Posting High quality pictures really helps you get high quality leads. People who are seeing a high quality picture and then calling you are already sold out on the house. So you can expect your upper hand in the negotiation.
3. Post online in as many sites possible. Once you get interest from multiple parties you have an upper hand in negotiation and can go with the party which is negotiating in your favour.
4. Make the house from spacious. People are paying for the space, and if you make the house ( look) more spacious you stand to gain more. For example, you can cover the balcony into a kids room and now you have one extra room. You can create deep shelves in kitchen and now kitchen is more spacious
5. Explain the potential buyer about the convenience facilities & apartment amenities properly. If the buyer is convinced that this the right place for him, he will pay you the price you are looking for.
6. Come out clean and explain all additional charges etc. which the buyer will have to bear. If the buyer sees you as transparent, he would trust the price you are quoting and will not negotiate it a lot.
Happy Home Selling!
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