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Create a Website for Real Estate Agency: 5 Best Real Estate Website Builders

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 January 2015 00:29

Real estate agents and agencies desire a professionally looking website that will not only provide their visitors with information regarding their services, but will also be easy for their visitors to navigate. Too many times, agents or agency owners hire web designers only to learn that they are not as fond of the results as they would like.

Today, the good news is that you can actually find all kinds of website builders that will ensure you have a website with the look and feel you desire as you create your own website. Click for more info to know in detail which website builders will suit the best for creating a real estate site. You should learn more about each real estate website builder to ensure that they offer the features you desire.

The top real estate website builders include RealestateSites.com, AgentBizzUp.com, IMCreator.com, Wix.com, and GoDaddy.com.


This real estate website builder is in first place as it offers many different features that make creating your own website not only professional but personal at the same time. This builder provides a database of real estate images you can use or if the ability to upload your own images according to your own preferences. Other great features that truly make this builder shine is the interactive full screen photo tour, free mobile version, unlimited pages and links, and automatically sends your website to the search engines and other portals so you can be found easily online. What is truly great with this builder is the fact that they have made posting to craigslist as well as updating your Facebook page is a snap. The advantages of this builder are that it offers an array of features for real estate professionals.


The best builder here does not offer as many features as the one above but does provide a nice header builder that allows you to use your own images or ones in their database. The builder offers a variety of themes which you can customize and it is very adaptable including for mobile devices. Very easy to use interface makes creating a real estate website fast and easy. The main advantage is the ability to customize and personalize your website.


This website builder provides easy to use templates as well as an online editor that allows you to create your website in a few short minutes. If you wish to start with a blank page you can do that as well as add such things as add text, pictures, videos, galleries, slideshows, social media widgets, Google Maps, customized forms, HTML in a user friendly interface. The advantage of this builder is that you use a readymade template or if you know a bit more about creating websites you can begin with a blank page.


So simple a child can create a website. All the builder offers are templates that you add your content to and other items including photos and videos. You do not have as much customization but the benefit is that you can have your website up and going in a matter of minutes. The site will look very professional even though it only took a matter of minutes to create.



With Go Daddy you get customizable templates similar to what you find with the one above. However, the good news is that it is simple to use and you receive a free domain name and hosting if you sign up for the website builder. 

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