5 mistakes to avoid when dreaming up a house

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 January 2015 04:46

By the time most people are young adults, they already have an idea of some of the things they would like in their dream home. These dreams can be based on several things, for example their childhood home, their future dreams and aspirations, etc.

As you start dreaming of your new home, whether you are young or old, here are 5 things you MUST consider that will help you build your dream house when you are ready to build it.

 1.   What are your priorities?

Not prioritizing your needs can prevent you from realizing your dream home. You will need to consider early enough, what are some of the things you will need and what things do you like to do in your day to day? It will be very helpful if this list is in order of importance.

For example, do you like to work from home? Will you exercise at home? Do you want a walk-in closet or not? Do you have kids or not? And so on.

2.   Know yourself?

The more you know yourself the more you will be able to know what you can live or can’t live without. Granted when you are young, this could change, but generally you won’t be too far off the mark, if you really get to know yourself sooner than later. If you are not so young then it is likely that you already have a good idea of what you want in a house based on your needs and those you will live with.

3.   Can you maintain it?

Most people rarely consider this, but you should know early enough;

·         Can you clean your house or will you need someone to do it for you?

·         Is it easy enough for you to do repairs or will you need someone for this?

·         Is your house too large or too expensive to maintain?

4.   Is your plan versatile enough for future needs?

Do your dream house plans cater for changes in future house needs? Building your dream house with the vision that your needs may change is usually a good idea. Do you need to build your house with features to last a lifetime or do you want it easy enough to change in the future? Considering this could save you a lot of heartache in the future.

5.   Can you resell it?

This is more a free get out of jail contingency card. Why on earth would you need to sell your dream house you may ask?

Well, sometimes what we dream up and the real thing can be at a variance. This could either be due to a terrible contractor, or changed priorities and so on, the list can be endless.

So, you should consider planning your house well enough not only to meet your needs, but also for someone else to love it enough to buy it without much thought.

Besides, houses are usually also passed on and you want your dream house to be something you can possibly pass on to your children.

The fact is the more detail you can envision, the more clearly you will know what you like or don’t like and the more you will be driven to build your dream house.

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