How to Perfectly Maintain Your Carpets

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How to Perfectly Maintain Your Carpets Pinterest

Woollen carpets and oriental rugs are frequently used in homes to create a nice and comfortable atmosphere. The structure and special properties of wool fibres make them especially resistant to harsh conditions of the normal everyday life. However, this does not mean that you may skip the regular cleaning and professional care of the carpets. We have prepared some good ideas to help you maintain the good look of the textile floorings for a longer period.

Tips for proper maintenance

Quality hand-tied wool rugs are easy to clean, even if you have children or pets. If the carpet receives a proper care, you can use it for about 30 years. Dirt, grit and constant movement on the surface are the main causes of damage on the rugs. There are some simple things you can do to prolong the life of your carpet.

Lanolin treatment 

The lanolin is natural oil that is used for irrigating woollen threads. The oil is moisture resistant and protects the carpets from absorbing dirt and dust.

Selecting the right carpet pad

The first step to protect your rug from abrasion accumulation is to use additional pad under the carpet. The pad will also protect the floor from the cleaning agents that you will be using to remove some stains.

Be careful when using slippers in your home

Many cultures do not use slippers or shoes in their houses or apartments, and it is not good for the carpets. If you want to use slippers or shoes, you should take special care of your valuable rug and clean it properly. The slippers and shoes that you use at home also should be cleaned regularly to avoid additional damage.

Regular vacuuming

Vacuuming helps removing dirt, dust, sand and bigger dirt particles. Open the windows regularly to freshen up the air and the carpets after vacuuming.

Position and rotation

It is very important for textile floor not to get exposed directly to sunlight. With prolonged exposure to sunlight wool fibres can fade. It is recommended once or twice a year to move and rotate the carpet to reduce wear.


Professional cleaning is always a good idea. It removes dirt and dust and restores the freshness to the carpet. If you want to clean the surface by yourself, always follow the cleaning instructions on the manufacturers’ tags.

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