5 Tricks to keep the house warm in winter

Written by Posted On Thursday, 15 January 2015 01:40
5 Tricks to keep the house warm in winter 5 Tricks to keep the house warm in winter

Today we are five tricks to keep the house warm in winter. And, if the cold continues and the price of energy continues to raise ... something we have to do! 

At other times we talked about how to save heating, now five home tricks we propose to keep the house warm in winter for longer. Some of them are very simple, for example, put aluminum foil or reflective foil on the radiator, and others will require us some initial outlay, but worth it.

5 Tricks to keep the house warm

1. Aluminum foil or reflective sheeting

It's a simple way to prevent loss of heat from the radiators and can easily be placed at home as we saw in this briconsejo de Bricomanía. It is installing a reflective panel radiator with that project get heat into the room, preventing it from seeping into the wall. 

2. Do not put furniture in front of radiators, but above

If we put large furniture in front of radiators, as the sofa, they absorb all the heat and do not allow warm up stay. However, when we have a house with high ceilings, you can place a shelf above the radiator for better channel the heat. A shelf above the heater will warm air rise, especially if it is under a window stops. 

3. Curtains, better thick

And, the window is a major cause of heat leakage. If we use curtains with thermal lining will prevent heat from escaping in winter and in summer between. If we cannot always use thick curtains or cover we have with polar or plastics. If in our house opens and closes the door long, thick curtains on the gateway will prevent from the cold. 

4. Take advantage of natural resources

On sunny days, let the light from the sale. It's Free! However, do not trust and open all windows. Although sunlight falling outside temperature remains lower than we have inside the home. Of course, once the sun goes down, close the curtains and blinds should use, lower them too. 

5. Cover drafts

Use weather stripping on doors and windows to prevent drafts. On the ground, used carpets and cracks or holes in the ground, not a bad idea to apply some padding on them as we saw in this other DIY tips. 

And remember, the thermostat must be at the proper temperature. To avoid wasting energy the thermostat should not exceed 21 ° C, considered the ideal temperature. While it is true that the temperature can vary from one room to another. For example, in the bathroom can overcome this temperature to 22 ° C and the rooms did not use range up to 18ºC. 


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