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With the dramatically increased use of technology in the workplace, more and more Americans –particularly those in the business world – are finding themselves in the position to work from home part or all of the time. With mobile phones, videoconferencing, and lightning fast Internet service, it’s now possible for many of us to avoid the daily commute and hassle of going into an office on a daily basis.

But working from home creates its own set of necessities, including issues of space and connectivity. So if you’re going to be buying a new home in the near future and you have a need for a home office, here are a few considerations:

Functionality. If you work from home, you likely already have the equipment at your disposal that you need to get the job done. You’ll want to assess your power and connectivity needs when finding a home with the right kind of office space. Are there enough outlets for computers, printers, routers, chargers, and other office equipment? Will Internet service be easy to set up and use? Is there space for a comfortable desk and chair? Room for shelves, filing cabinets, and other storage? Working in a cramped space can be difficult, so make sure that the area you identify as office space also has plenty of room for you to grow and spread out in the foreseeable future.

Comfort. Ergonomics are an important part of workplace design. In addition to locating the type of space you need to accommodate comfortable office furniture, you’ll also want to consider the natural light available and ensure that you have room for any non-office items that would make your workspace more pleasant, such as houseplants, personal photos, and framed artwork. And what about accessibility? Are you a coffee junkie who will want to be near the kitchen for frequent fill-ups? A nearby bathroom is also handy. 

Separation. Although it may be convenient to set up shop near the kitchen or a communal bathroom, you’ll need to consider the amount of separation you’ll want from the rest of the household. A quiet area free from the distraction and noise of household appliances and boisterous children might be your best option. An out-of-the-way annex where other members of the household are unlikely to “drop by” in the midst of your work day is probably an attractive prospect. 

Once you’ve identified your priorities for office space in which you feel you can truly be productive, consult your real estate agent to discuss specifications. It could be that an unused bedroom will suffice for your home office needs, or perhaps a separate outbuilding is more to your liking – particularly if you are in need of workshop or studio space. Working with your agent, you can identify properties that present a variety of options. Good luck!


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