Advantages of Installing a Storm Door

Written by Posted On Friday, 16 January 2015 21:51

When you first move into a new home, you'll probably find dozens of home improvement projects you want to undertake. They could be relatively small cosmetic upgrades like painting, installing new flooring, or replacing outdated light fixtures, just for example. Or you might have more complex home improvements in mind, such as gutting and renovating kitchens and bathrooms or turning your basement into a granny flat. Some of these projects will increase your home value while others will merely add to your enjoyment of the property while you live there. But once you've gotten a handle on the many projects on your list, you might want to address the relative eco-friendliness of your structure, not to mention the money you're spending (and wasting) on heating and cooling your home because it isn't properly insulated. And one of the easiest ways to get started is with the front door.

If you've started to notice drafts in your front entryway or you can actually see light leaking in around the seams, it might be time to install some weather stripping or even upgrade to a more insulative and better fitting door. But you should also think about the possibility of installing a storm door. There are several advantages to be gained by taking this course of action. For one thing, it's likely to cost you less than upgrading your front door. And with glass inserts in an aluminum, fiberglass, or wood frame you don't have to compromise the look of your front entry. Not only can you select a style that's suitable for your structure, but an attractive front door will still show through. Plus, you can often swap out glass panels for screens in the summer if you prefer.

But what do you stand to gain by installing a storm door? The main advantage of this option is an extra layer of insulation around your front door. When your storm door seats securely in the frame, air is trapped between the two doors, providing added insulation for your entryway. This will not only increase your comfort level thanks to fewer temperature fluctuations, but it can also boost your energy efficiency, effectively lowering energy bills and helping you to cut your carbon footprint. And it will protect your front door from the damaging effects of the elements, especially during the winter.

Additionally, a storm door can provide you with an extra layer of security. It allows you to open your front door without losing the barrier between you and whoever is on your front porch. And if you install a lock it can also act as an added deterrent to an intruder, or perhaps an early warning if the door is broken as someone tries to gain entry. In short, there are several desirable advantages to be gained when you opt to contact a qualified vendor like Lyndhurst Lumber Inc to provide and install a storm door for your home. You can improve the look of your front entry, as well as increase energy efficiency, comfort, and security in the process.



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