Agents Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving Home in 2015

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When you are planning a house move, there is a lot happening all at once. You need to make a lot of decisions and deciding how to pack and what to store are among them. Don't let the chaos of packing and the upheaval that moving brings get you down. There are ways to get through this process smoothly and without frustration, I spoke with Thornbury Self Storage, storage experts located in Bristol, who told us their top 5 items of advice for a smooth transition.

Take, Store or Trash

Everything in your home needs to be divided into three categories as your move gets underway. It needs to be packed up to move to your new home, placed in a storage facility, or thrown away! The sooner you begin the sorting process, the better. If you are having issues deciding on what gets moved and what gets stored, think about the next time you are going to need it. If you are not going to need it for the next few months, it is a good idea to store it away. If it is damaged, if it is broken or if it serves no purpose, get rid of it, whether you give it away, sell it to make some cash or throw it away.

Carry Markers

When you are packing up your home make sure that you label the boxes clearly. Every box should be labelled, first with where it is going, and second with what is inside. You may think that you will remember what is in what box, but this is not usually the case, especially for things that are going into storage. Good labelling will prevent you from needing to partially unpack a box to find out if it is the one that contains what you need.

Pack Tight

When you are packing, remember that what breaks things inside boxes is space. If an item has the space to rattle around in a box, it is not packed well and can break. That is why boxes should be lined with packing material, whether they are air bags or wadded up paper. There should be no movement inside the box when you have finished packing it and this will help to keep it all secure and safe. In Bristol or in and around the United Kingdom, storage experts can

Designate Rooms

We mentioned above about making sure that your storage boxes and your moving boxes should be labelled, but take the time to label the boxes that are moving to the new property with the room that each box is designated for as well. The last thing you want is to find a box of kitchen utensils when you are looking for your work clothes! Remember that good labelling will take a little more time but it will be well worth it as it helps to minimise some of the frustrations that come with moving home.

Start Early

When you are packing up to move home, remember that you should start as early as you can. Moves come with a lot of surprises, and the more that you can get done early on, the better off you are going to be. Take a moment to plan what you need to get done and how you should do it.

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